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APW Happy Hour

The new book cover is here!!

Hey APW,

Several things have been going on in my life. First up, I was fortunate enough to be able to get LASIK surgery a week ago. This is a huge deal—and has been a huge recovery process—because my vision was 20/850. To give you a benchmark, the legal blindness limit is 20/200. That means that until a week ago, the only point where I could see things clearly was halfway down the tip of my nose (without glasses, of course). If you want a good cry, you can watch the video of me seeing for the first time here. All that said, recovery hasn’t been super easy. My brain is really struggling to understand what it’s like to be able to see… so much, all the time. That means very limited hours each day at the computer, which means feeling slightly disoriented… and it also means that I’m hard at work making colored veils from materials I brought back from Mexico, coming soon.

BUT! I wanted to take this opportunity to drop the cover of my first book, second edition, which is coming out in January. I did a huge amount of re-work on the book, bringing it even more up to date on issues of gender, talking more about issues of race… and frankly talking about loss with a lot more wisdom. Wisdom I wish I didn’t have. But I’m also really delighted by the cover. It’s truly wild to have your face on the cover of a book… and I’m sure I’ll really have to come to terms with that in December. But I love the photo we created. I look a little bit like “Why is this happening,” which is my truest thought on wedding planning. That amazing little cake was made for us by Butter&. My makeup was done by Allie Yamaguchi, my hair by Yesenia Guinea, and you can currently get that dress at BHLDN. You won’t have Maddie to take your picture and Chelsea to aggressively wind machine you, though, so your results may vary.

Other than that, I just (JUST) have our ten year anniversary party happening in a week in Palm Springs. Each day brings another list of tasks, and another thing I realize I forgot to get done, but ya’ll, I think it’s going to be amazing.

Here is your open thread!



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