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APW Happy Hour

Hey APW!

As most of you know by now, today is David’s and my ten year anniversary. TEN DAMN YEARS. It’s wild, and it gets even more wild when you realize that means I’ve been running APW for eleven years. Writing about us, and our relationship, and our love of parties (and frustration with planning them) for a decade. Pondering it has been blowing my mind.

Right now, I’m sitting in a (very very nice) hotel room at The Ace Hotel And Swim Club in Palm Springs, trying to have faith that all the work I’ve done on this crazy ten year anniversary party will come together as something beautiful, meaningful… and this time, thankfully not a funeral.

When this started three months ago, we were pondering going to a drive in chapel in Vegas to “renew our vows“, just to mark the occasion, and because it’s so weird and out there. Then we settled on doing something small in Palm Springs (because it’s near our hometown) and going out to dinner with maybe ten people afterwards. Now, somehow, forty of our best people are descending on the desert in the middle of the summer, we have neon orange gowns, tuxes, sabers, a DJ… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s wild. It’s been a ton of work. We’re so lucky that I had a depth of industry connections (AKA friends I’ve worked with for years) to help me pull it off. And it’s probably the thing my family most deeply needed. I can’t tell you yet. But you can follow along on our Instagram this weekend.

Till then, I’m ordering another frozen drink by the pool. It’s a hundred and fuck outside. But celebrating in a furnace is my purest state.



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