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And I'll be glad


We’re back from a truly wonderful and joy filled weekend of celebrating our family—and our chosen family—at our ten year anniversary party in Palm Springs. I still feel too close to the day to have sufficient words to wrap around it, but I learned a few things. It’s so important to grab whatever moments we can to celebrate joy, particularly in the face of great loss. Tomorrow is never promised, so none of us should put off the things that make life worth living. Beyond that, I was reminded that these kinds of events: weddings, anniversary parties, baby showers, you name it: none of them are exactly about you. Instead, they’re your turn to take on the effort and cost of hosting people that you love, and also love each other. Watching our people gather together, some who hadn’t seen each other in years, made every hour and dollar and tear that went into it worth it. And finally: chosen family is so important. As someone said in one of our toasts, “Meg and David picked me years ago as part of their family, and they have just refused to leave ever since.” And if that’s not what life is about, what is?

And for those wondering about the outcome of #pastagate: all of the pasta was great, but the shrimp pasta ended up being the best pasta anyone had ever had. It got all over my dress, and I couldn’t even bring myself to care. That, and the booze never ran out. So as our six year old said when toasting, “Clink, and cheers!”


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