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APW Happy Hour

Fiddling while it burns

Hey APW,

It’s been a very quiet (blessedly quiet) week over here. Most of the APW team is on vacation, and Chelsea and I have been able to hunker down and do big picture planning, and project management. It’s probably just as well, because I’m heading into three weeks of difficult anniversaries, largest among them being the anniversary of my dad’s death next weekend. Don’t worry, I’m taking myself somewhere with a pool and tequila.

It seemed as good a time as ever to remember that moment two weeks ago, when David and I ended our ten year anniversary party by jumping in the pool of The Ace Hotel Palm Springs with our clothes on. It was a really lovely moment of turning pain into joy, and I’m so glad we did it.

Now, along with the rest of you who are finance junkies, I’m going to go back to watching with horror (but not surprise) as the market tanks.

Godspeed. Go have a drink. Here is your open thread.



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