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Anniversaries (some terrible)

Hey APW,

This week on Instagram, I was reminded that it had been a whole EIGHT YEARS since we threw a party in New York City to legally marry two same sex couples. That was right after New York had legalized gay marriage (and still a few years before it would become legal in the US). It feels like moments ago… but also light years ago.

I shared a picture of me on that day eight years ago here, as I head into a much less cheerful anniversary weekend. On Monday it will be one year since I sat next to my dad as he took his last breath. We’re spending the long weekend in New Mexico at a mini-family reunion (which I’m delighted about). But on Monday, we’re heading up to a nice hotel in Santa Fe, where I plan on ordering fancy cocktails while I watch my kids practice swimming at the pool. It’s not the anniversary that I’d like to have on the unofficial last day of summer, but sometimes you don’t get a choice.

I’m wishing each of you sun, relaxation, and quality time with people you love. In the meantime, here is your open thread.


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