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APW Happy Hour

Santa Fe to Sonoma

Hey APW,

I just got back from a really lovely family reunion for my mom’s (mom’s) side of the family. We were estranged from my mom’s family as kids (family estrangement! A thing we never talk about!) so it’s been really lovely for me to re-connect and build relationships with them as adults.Meg at the El Ray Court They’re all delightful people, and I’m so lucky. There was a lot of gin and geneology (two things WASPs are really into, and my mom’s side of the family is as 400-years-in-America-WASP as they come). After that we drove up for two nights at El Ray Court, an old road side inn in Santa Fe, that has been given a modern re-make by friends of friends. It was really interesting to see what they’re doing with the enormous property (what’s been re-done and what hasn’t yet… namely, the bathrooms), and have some excellent drinks to celebrate my dad’s life in the tequila lounge. If you like good design, and aren’t a total perfectionist on hotels, I would 100% recommend it for a honeymoon or anything else. The prices are excellent, though I’d splurge for a slightly bigger room there. A child walks through the fridge door at Meow WolfWe also went to Meow Wolf while we were there which was wild and amazing and our kids loved it.

Now after exactly one day in the office, I’m off to an all womxn business retreat in Sonoma—The Huddle. It’s coming at a perfect time for me, as I’m thinking a lot about the structure of APW, what projects we want to take on, and how we can better manage them. Catch me by the pool there on our Instagram.

Meanwhile, I wanted to update you all with some changes to Happy Hour. I wanted to pass on a note from Jareesa, since if you’re anything like me you’ve felt a bit lost in the sea of the internet without her captaining your reading list recently:

Hey APW! You may have noticed that Around the Web with Jareesa has gone AWOL the past few weeks. I’m taking some time off during this early time in my pregnancy, but I’ll be back soon!

All of our congratulations to Jareesa on her pregnancy, and of course we can’t wait to have her back. In the meantime, though, you can catch some periodic updates on her blog, JTM Writes.

And with that, enjoy the beginnings of Fall (if you’re willing to admit Summer is mostly gone, I am not). And it’s your happy hour!



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