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APW Happy Hour

A farewell and a fresh start

Hey APW,

It was a big week over here. On Tuesday we sent Maddie off into the wild blue yonder with an epic two part going away party. (Think: cocktails, lunch, chocolate, oysters, more cocktails). You can see her final goodbye to APW on Instagram. After a lot of celebration, most of the team took the morning off on Wednesday, to relax and re-coup after a few big months of transition. (Bay Area residents: do you know about Piedmont Springs? It feels like one of the few remaining parts of the Bay Area of my childhood, and I am planning on heading over to hot tub and sauna way more often.)

Now we’re back, trying to catch up on work we got behind on during weeks of training, focusing on project management software, and getting prepped to do new things. Transition is difficult (always), but now that we’re through the really hard part, we’re all very excited for what comes next.

Here is to building new things (and more time in hot tubs). Also? Your open thread.


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