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What a week. The day before Rosh Hashanah started, I found out my daughter had lice. About an hour after that I found out that EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN MY FAMILY had lice. And y’all: we have a lot of hair. Incredibly thick, curly hair, and mounds of it. I knew from the start that I was going to hire someone to help, because lice + my hair goes down as one of the most traumatic experiences of my childhood. And I knew it was going to be involved. But the lice comb out started at 4:30 pm, and it ended at…. 3:30 in the morning. After which we woke up and had two days of religious services (and helping to manage security at those services). It’s been a week.

On the work front though, it’s been great. We launched, which we’re really proud of (years of work in one place!). More prosaically, we’ve also been working on project management systems, so we can start getting new projects underway.

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But also! We’re hiring! We’re looking for a part time assistant, is that you? If you’re job hunting and want to work with the APW crew IRL, apply for our Office Assistant position here. And if you’re not local to the APW office in Oakland, apply to be our virtual assistant here.


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