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APW Happy Hour

Halloween approaches!

Hey APW,

Late Saturday night I got back from Texas (Austin was hip, Houston was damn amazing), where Alyssa and I had been on our first business trip together. Behold, above, a photo that resulted from a run-in with a group of women having a girls’ night on the town, and insisted on taking our picture with Austin’s famous mural. We had a great time, and most importantly learned a lot. And like with all conferences, I came back with a ton of business ideas. So I’ve spent the week organizing and planning, which is always a bit of a joy.

Sunday was also Simchat Torah, Judaism’s annual celebration of finishing the reading of the Torah, and starting the cycle over again. In more literal terms it’s just one giant dancing party, with the Torah Scrolls. Torah Scrolls are sacred objects, and can’t be dropped (if you drop one, the whole community fasts). They’re also very heavy. So taking them out, holding them up, and dancing wildly is a a bit like Judaism—doing something a bit terrifying, because celebrating our culture and peoplehood is so important. So in the wake of yet another Jewish tragedy this year, it was healing and wonderful to watch my kids hold and kiss and delight in the Torah, and their Jewishness.

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But in more western holiday news, Halloween is approaching. David said to me the other day, “When did Halloween become a whole season?” and I cannot tell you the answer. But I can tell you that tonight we’re heading in to a party at San Francisco’s Speakeasy, where we are rising to meet a costume challenge that is complex enough to delight even me. We’re going to a Halloween party set in the 1920’s. So we’re not dressing up as people from the 1920’s… we’re dressing up as people from the 1920’s dressed up for Halloween. I’ve been hard at work since I got back from Texas on an intense historical peacock costume… and the proof will be in the pudding (and likely on my Instagram tonight).

Here is wishing you all the Halloween joy in this dark feeling world… and your open thread.


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