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Illness & A Photoshoot


It’s been… a week. I’ve been struggling with sinus problems since mid-summer, and this week things took a turn for the worse. (It’s hard to think properly when your ears won’t pop, and your head feels like it’s filled with a brick.) I had camera stuck all the way into my sinuses, and had to wait around for them to grow a culture and decide on some meds. And during that relaxing, spa-like process, both of my children got a violent stomach flu back-to-back. And then… we had a photoshoot.

But you know what? Our photoshoot was amazing, and I’m so glad I dragged myself away from multiple sick beds to art direct it. We were shooting out in the wilds of the Bay Area, and we ended up being chased away from empty space after empty space…. because that’s how things roll in the Bay Area in 2019. But it was one of those magical days where the minute we had a problem, the universe instantaneously presented a solution. (You can see one such solution above, with our model doing a killer test shot.) Even better, we were able to do a wedding dress shoot that played with gender norms, and incorporated plus sized dresses. You’ll see the shoot live on APW in January (I know, it’s a long time to wait). The whole thing was such a delight, and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it.

With that, here is your open thread. (And if you haven’t noticed, we’ve been trying to sort out comment count issues on the front page. There are very likely NOT zero comments on posts that say zero comments, but Mercery is in retrograde, and so it goes.) Have a great long weekend, and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday.


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