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May gladness reign and joy increase


I want to end the year with some quippy uplift, but let me be honest: it’s my Dad’s headstone unveiling this afternoon (apparently headstones are both way more expensive than you’d imagine, take much longer to make than the timeline they give you, and sometimes are made with errors and have to be re-made). Last night we had a really lovely holiday party at Liholiho Yacht Club, and today I have a headstone unveiling, and that’s basically how this year has gone for me. It’s contained multitudes: so much good and bad that sometimes my body and soul feel like it can’t stretch to contain all of it at once (for other folx dealing with grief at the holidays, let me pass on what I wrote last year).

But this is where we leave you. We’ll be back on Monday January 6th. Till then, everything calm everything bright.

Here is your open thread, open till early 2020. May gladness reign and joy increase.


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