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APW Happy Hour

And we're back!

Hey APW,

We’re back! After two weeks of the office being closed, I was so happy to get back to work on Monday. The whole team got some time to recover after the burnout of a hard 2019, and I’ve never seen the APW staff so on fire and ready to be back on the first week of January. We’ve spent the week in countless meetings (yes, an APW Podcast is coming… hopefully in April). And crawling around measuring things in our soon-to-be-office. We’re moving down the hall in our building to a brand new space that we first toured when it was just studs and plywood, back in June. After a lot of construction delays, we get to move in on February 1, and we’re so thrilled. Just look at those windows.

I also wanted to leave you a note on our front page comment count… which is slowly killing all of us on staff. You might have noticed that it’s not currently accurate, um, at all (and weirdly, with no discernible pattern. Sometimes it’s way too low, sometimes it’s way too high, some days we watch it just add comments for no reason whatsoever). Long story short, we use Disqus, and it’s very hard to get into the system to figure out what is going wrong. We don’t know why it’s not working, and our developer can’t get into the system to fix it (it’s one of those fun tools that you pay for, and still get basically no customer support). In short, we probably need to move off Disqus entirely. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for years, but is surprisingly tricky, if you don’t have a pile of money to build your own proprietary commenting service. So, we’re working on it, and trying to not let it make us jump off a cliff in the meantime. After all, the world is on fire right now, and our commenting system is pretty low on the list of worries.

Right now I’m trying to focus on moment-to-moment gratitude, and spending time with good people. Wishing you all strength and peace in these really painful terrifying times. And here is your open thread.


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