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APW Happy Hour

With our endless gratitude

Hey APW,

What a week. I mean, every day these days seems like a week, every week feels like a month, and every month feels like a year. It’s not even as simple as having good days or bad days anymore (though I have both). At the moment I just ride my emotions like a roller coaster. Sometimes I’ll have a great morning, and then sob half of the afternoon. And that’s just how it is these days, and I’m learning to be ok with it.

Huge Love To Our Patrons

So let’s start with gratitude, which is where I try to spend as much time as possible (if for no other reason than it’s good for my mental health). The graphic above is the list of all of our Patrons on Patreon who have joined us at the $7 level or higher, AKA, the shout out level. We are so, so, so thankful for each and every one of you who has joined us over on Patreon. It’s making a huge different in our budget during these wild times. Creating a graphic with so many names—some familiar and some not—gave me such profound joy. We’ll be sharing an updated graphic with you every month, so if you’d like to be on it, head over to join our crew on Patreon.

In addition to that, we also did a survey of our Patreon members, asking them for their feedback and suggestions on content. The results were excellent (you can read a little about that survey here), which is still open for anyone who joins at any level.

Launching Merch on Patreon

you can do hard things APW Compact tote bagAnd, to make the whole Patreon experience more awesome, we’re adding merch to our offerings. We’re going to have patrons vote on what merch we should launch. (Like this tote bag design that I want for myself. But I might want it in a poster, a sticker, or a t-shirt… or all three? I can’t decide. But I don’t have to decide, because our patrons get to. So if you want to vote on merch, join us at any level today, and that vote will go up next week!

And The Rest Of ItMeg in the ER

As for well… everything else… life remains a roller coaster. I’m so grateful for all that we have (including enough toilet paper). And watching my children learn to play independently outside has been one of the true joys of this process.

And also, this time last week I was in the hospital with my oldest, who had to be rushed to the emergency room with suspected appendicitis. He’s fine, and we’re continuing to watch him. But both of us spent 27 hours in the hospital… about the last place you want to be in a Pandemic. Kaiser had a great system, and we felt really safe, but I also slept overlooking the refrigerated morgue truck at the hospital across the freeway, which really has a way with messing with your mind. But at the same time, lockdown has been such a mindf*ck that both me and my kiddo were actually… glad to get a night out of the house? IN THE HOSPITAL. 2020, friends!

Here Is To You

I hope you all are holding in there, and are as safe and sound as you can possibly be. Until we have our monthly Zoom Happy Hour for Patrons next week, I’ll leave you with this virtual Happy Hour, and as much joy and human connection as you can get.

All our Love,
Meg & Crew

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