APW Happy Hour

It's Thank You Week!

Heeeeyyyyyy APW,

How you holding in? As always, I never quite know how I’m doing. Right now my kids are upstairs screaming and laughing in the bathtub, which is good. That means they’re entertained, happy, and I’m not screaming at them (which happens now and then these days, even with the best of intentions). So, also, lot of apologies happening around our house, all the time, as we all try to get through this imperfectly.

It really feels like the best of times and the worst of times. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, I’m working hard to keep the APW team together and money coming in. And, you know, we can’t really leave the house. But also, I spoke to someone from The Today Show and the Wall Street Journal today (which is a lot of hard hitting press in one day, even for me, and I do a lot of press). ANDDDD, I’ve opted not to talk about it here till now, but the company has been dealing with a frivolous lawsuit since New Years, and it got thrown out of court this week. (It’s the small victories, you know?) We’ve still got to handle the settlement process, but having a Judge back you up is pretty much the shit.

As for coping… I’m doing… ok. I’ve decided if this is the new normal, then I need to get on with it. So I’ve partnered up with a friend as an accountability buddy to make sure I move my body five days a week, and my formerly panicked text chains have turned into mutual coaching, and making sure we all do our best (whatever that is) every day.

AND LAST BUT NEVER LEAST, I’d like to give a huge huge huge shout out to our Patrons. If APW gives you something valuable, I’d be so appreciative if you joined us on Patreon. $3 a month is a big deal when everyone does it, and you are very definitely helping us get through this storm. We’re aiming to launch product on Patreon very soon, and you still have time to join us at the $20 a month level, for our monthly zoom call. (It was SUPER fun last month, way more than I even expected, and I’m looking forward to it this month.)

With that, here is you Open Thread. Hit it!


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