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Time is a flat circle

Hey APW,

Well here we are. We’re on day 67 of shelter in place, which sounds like a joke when I say it that way, but is obviously very, very much not a joke. This week on Instagram I shared my practice of taking a picture of myself every day to document the passage of time, and my continued existence. It’s something I learned to do when I was taking care of my dad when he was dying, and is serving me well now. Surprisingly to me, it really hit a nerve with folks, probably because we’re all living in this blur of time as a flat circle. So if you can’t track time, try taking a picture every morning, so you can remember how you were then.

Anyway!  Here at APW things are going… well. Or well considering it’s 2020, more like. (I mean frankly, the lights being on is a huge win in 2020.) Thanks to single minded focus on my part during March and April, we’ve managed to line up government funding and loans. And while that’s not a perfect solution (loans are loans), it’s given us some breathing room as we sort everything out.

Meanwhile! I’m slowly launching business coaching, and we’re working out the details of group classes, so if business and accountability are your thing, make sure you add yourself to my email list (I haven’t made a stand alone email page yet, because LYFE, but scroll to the bottom of that page to add yourself.)

Meanwhile, we’ve created a COVID Couples E-Book for folks wandering through the mess of matrimony right now, so if that’s you, sign up to get one… and better yet, get your name on our email list. We’re using that list to communicate with couples in the midst of wedding planning and providing all the resources we can (and taking requests on topics over there).

With all that said, it’s Memorial Day Weekend. These days weekends at my house mean extensive yard work. We’re basically re-landscaping the place on our own, and it’s been pretty fun. But this weekend, my oldest has planned a Mexico Vacation Day, so we plan to spend Monday pretending we’re on our beloved annual family vacation to Mexico. I wish pretend vacations for all of you, and we’ll see you back here Tuesday.

Till then, it’s your open thread. Hit it!


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