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2020 has been such a trainwreck disaster, that as we near the end of the year (HOW) I’m trying to step back and take stock, and recognize all the joys and surprises that 2020 has brought. I know 100% for sure that I’m not the same person, nor do I have the life I would have had if all this didn’t happen.

I have spent the last seven months BUSY. #BornBusy as I always say. We’ve renovated our backyard (and helped support our kids caregiver family in so doing). We built fences, a beautiful patio, new steps, a treehouse… and next up a Sanity Shed. TL;DR: I’m soon going to have a 120 square foot outside studio on land we didn’t even realize we had (thanks to a fence set inside the property line and more ivy than you can possibly imagine) that will function as my office, and an art / Jewish studies classroom for the kids. I’ve more or less set up a Hebrew School (surprise!). I’ve spent a lot more quality time with my kids. (You can keep up with my home adventures over on my Instagram.)

And at work we’ve gotten to re-focus APW’s resources on what’s always been our wheelhouse: small weddings, weddings that happen because they really need to, the practicality of weddings (IE, wearing a damn mask). And I’ve also gotten to work building a brand new business: Practical Business School. (You can see me in the photo above teaching a PBS class.) And that’s how I’ve mostly spent the week. Deep in the weeds of branding, thinking, building a new Instagram (join me there!) and figuring out what the hell I’m doing. Also, thanks to the emotional growth 2020 has rather forcefully provided, I’ve let myself slow down. I’ve postponed projects when they didn’t feel quite right, and let myself live in the messy not-knowing.

And now, soon, I can only pray… perhaps we’ll get a new president.

That’s my growth in the pain. Because the world keeps turning, and every day I wake up I’m grateful.

Here is your open thread! Hit it.


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