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President Biden. Madame Vice President Harris.

Hey APW,

I’m writing this on Friday morning, after a good night’s sleep. I’m waking up to my second day in four years where I don’t have to run downstairs to check the news, and see if our lunatic president accidentally nuked someone or caused a Nazi riot. Yesterday’s great political controversy was that President Biden said “C’mon man” to a reporter in a cranky way. We’re back to #TanSuitProblems, and I will literally never get out of bed for that kind of “controversy” ever again. It took me a few days and a lot of workouts to start to release four years of tension in my body, but ever so slowly it is happening.

None of this means we’re not still in a terrifying, devastating pandemic. But at least I finally know that there are competent, empathetic, motivated, super smart people doing everything they can to solve problems. And really, that’s the best we can ask for right now.

Here at APW we’ve been buckled down for a quiet January. We’ve applied for a second round of PPP, and are very much hoping that will give us some much needed runway to get new projects built (think e-books, coming soon… along with a bunch of boring logistical projects). And while we wait we’re deep in long term work. I’m focused on the slow work of building the foundations for Practical Business School, and developing a podcast on small business. The work is slow and steady, and for the first time in my professional life I’m not focused on how much money I need to bring in this month to pay the bills. (We can thank last years EIDL loan for that.) It’s hard to convince my brain that slow and steady IS real work, but the forced emotional growth of 2020 has made it a TINY bit easier.

Wishing you some relaxation and hope, for the first time in a long time.

It’s your open thread! Hit it!


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