APW Happy Hour

The Meghan and Harry edition

Hey APW,

I know, I know. Last week we were all like “We won’t be publishing Happy Hour on the regs, unless there is something we really need to discuss.” (Actually, I have pandemic brain, and I have no idea if I wrote that, but it’s what I thought in my head at least.)

Anyway, another week has passed and somehow there REALLY IS SOMETHING WE ALL WANT TO DISCUSS, so here we are again. We were going to publish some wedding advice, but just kidding, that can wait till Monday, because we need some space to discuss the Harry & Megan interview.

I wasn’t originally planning on watching the interview, since I only have a half hearted interest in the British Royal Family (though I have a 100% interest in The Crown). But last week when The Palace started pushing back with (absurd on the face of it) allegations of bullying, I got interested. And I’m so glad that I sat down and watched that interview because PHEEWWWW friends. What wasn’t in it?

There are so many places we can go and so many themes that interview touched on: race, class, mental health, self-harm, family betrayal, marriage, in-laws, weddings, and the list goes on and on. I think everyone I know had a moment during that interview where they had a gut level reaction. There was something that hit really close to home for everyone, it seemed.

Because we can’t begin to unpack it all here, we rounded up some of our favorite articles on the subject (all of them are totally worth a read).

But beyond that, if you want space to talk about your reactions, here it is. I’m still unpacking feelings that came up for me during that interview, and I’m far from alone.


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