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Horror and survival

Hey APW!

So. DELTA, amiright? In just a month it feels like our lives, that were finally regaining some sort of normalcy, have been thrown back up in the air again. You’d think at this point we’d have a better sense of how to make plans and move forward in pandemic reality, but somehow it seems more confusing at every turn. In fact, our team has started a rewrite of our Pandemic Wedding Planning Guide countless times this year, but each time it’s done, we end up scrapping it because it seems out of date. (Again.) I mean I wish you could see our So Your Wedding Is Back On Guide, because it’s beautiful… but do you even need it anymore? Probably not. In fact, this weekend the New York Times ran two back to back articles, one talking about the “post pandemic wedding economy” and one talking about “soaring case rates and our new pandemic reality” and I was like WHICH IS IT GUYS? But the truth is, how is an editor to know on any given day?

But here at APW we’re doing the best we can, and this week I wrote a long response to a question that was basically “my BFF doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore because I’m not vaccinated and ruining her wedding.” Folks commented that I was really patient in my response, but the truth is, I just want as many people to get vaccinated as possible, and I know that shaming people isn’t going to get us there. So if you’re in that boat, let me just remind you: the FDA approved the vaccine for adults this week, so it’s no longer under emergency use. And more than that: IT IS FINE TO CHANGE YOUR MIND. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s great to change your mind (and I do it all the time, and the more you practice it, the more fun it becomes).

In other news in my totally-chaotic-which-end-is-even-up world:

  • Our team finished the launch of Niqeva, a community for ambitious Jewish women, and I’m so proud of the project, and so excited to see where it goes.
  • David and I did a (super safe) staycation in a San Francisco hotel to celebrate that launch with a day off. (See photo above!)
  • I tried out Ohora, these semi-cured nail gel stickers that you cure at home. (Yes, an Instagram ad for sure sucked me in.) And shockingly they lived up to the hype and then some and I may never get a gel manicure again, unless it’s for a big event.

Before we go, I want to take a moment to send all of our thoughts and prayers to those dealing with the horror going on in Afghanistan. As someone who survived 9/11, what’s happening feels particularly personal to me, and I can’t pull my eyes or heart away from it. Please speak out, speak up, and talk to your elected representatives about the United States doing everything we can to care for the Afghans who worked with us for years, and all of the women and children facing the horrors of life under Taliban rule.

And with that, it’s your open thread. How is Delta affecting your wedding plans? How is it affecting your life? Between the horrors of the news, climate change, and the pandemic, how are you holding up? (And if the answer is not well, this is a space where you can admit that. Because friends, me too.)


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