APW Happy Hour!

Well hello there, APW.

Just like that, it’s Friday afternoon! While the American contingent is eating hotdogs and enjoying temperatures of which we can only dream, let’s all head down to the virtual pub and talk about our week over a celebratory pint. Don’t worry, Americans, you’re invited to the pub too. Bring your hotdog. Have a pint. We’re all friends here! It’s not 1776! Let’s share this open thread together in the spirit of love and friendship between our two nations!

Thanks for having me, guys. It’s been a pleasure.

Kirsty x

Highlights of APW This Week

A traditional and secular (surprise, they’re not mutually exclusive) sample wedding ceremony.

Reclaiming Wife, Legally. Because Pride week may be over, but life goes on. Legally.

Kilts: they’re not just for Scottish people!

Speaking of Scottish people, we introduced APW UK and gave you a British Person’s Guide to American Weddings. Also, hats. Beautiful hats. You’re welcome.


Friendship isn’t all matching outfits and adorable surprise blog comments. What happens when your friends don’t like your partner?

Link roundup

I recently stumbled upon this BBC archive of programmes about weddings and marriage from the 1950s and 1960s and it’s fascinating to see how the big questions haven’t really changed much. Is marriage out of date? Why are modern couples rejecting traditional values? A white wedding and a honeymoon or a house deposit? Why is being a grown-up so haaaarrrrrrd? (Okay, that last one was just me.)

If you’re lacking ideas for your vows, or just looking for something sweet to write in a note to your beloved, the ever wonderful Stylist has compiled a list of the top 50 most romantic lines in literature. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a different kind of—ahem—inspiration, check out these sensational literary sex scenes.

What is it about weddings that makes people feel they have to be something other than their usual selves? This post on brides wearing glasses (with pictures! Lots of pictures!) is a welcome reminder that, actually, your glasses look very nice every day, and they’ll look very nice on your wedding day too. Plus, being able to see who you’re marrying is probably sensible, at least until after you’ve started on the fizzy.

While we’re on the subject of brides in glasses, am I allowed to ooh and aah over these amazing illustrated invitations? Because ooh, aah.

On a more serious note, this photograph of a conference in Saudi Arabia on the subject of women in society blew my mind.

Now, APW’s campaign with Pantene Beautiful Lengths is a subject very close to my heart. And, in case you were wondering, PBL accepts international donations. But if you’d like to get involved with a charity closer to home, Cancer Research UK offers helpful information and links for donating your hair in the UK. Wherever you’re planning to donate, consider joining the APW Facebook event to help us spread the word.

Wish you could make your own clothes, but have no idea where to start? Yeah, me too. This simple dress looks like it might be achievable, though, even for someone with my embarrassing lack of skills.

In unplugging news, doing nothing for two minutes is a lot harder than it sounds.

And finally, I’ve been enjoying this crowd-sourced blogging advice column on Rock n Roll Bride, especially the tip about getting offline and meeting people in person. If I’ve learned anything this week, it’s that the UK is absolutely hoaching with members of Team Practical. Real-life happy hour, anyone?

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