APW Happy Hour

Adventures in new puppy ownership

Hey APW,

Maddie here, writing from the hazy banks of new puppy ownership. Y’all, I heard it was hard work getting a puppy. But holy crap, I was not prepared for how difficult these first few weeks would be. (My mom says that when it comes to babies and puppies, she’ll take new babies every day of the week. Which is probably how I ended up with so many siblings.) Thank god for an understanding work environment, a good co-puppy parent, and this stuff. Oh and a really cute puppy. Cute puppy doesn’t hurt. Seriously, look at this face:

english mastiff puppy

In addition to the regular stresses of new puppy ownership (chewing on everything, energy for days, general floppiness of body), I spent a few days with the new puppy in the city when a friend was in town, and was amazed at how frequently I was on the receiving end of some really intense mansplaining about how to raise a dog. While most people I talk to are glad to offer helpful and reassuring advice, there’s a weird subsect of people who are very into giving unsolicited soliloquies about how amazing they are at dog training and how you could be doing better. Is this what having kids is like? Because yeesh.

However, if you are considering new puppy ownership, I found this e-book super comforting. I don’t know how verified the information is, but a few chapters of “this is normal” will do wonders for a girl’s spirit. And if you’re an old pro, please share your best knowledge, advice, and resources in the comments for me? I’d rather hear it from you than random dudes in Bernal Heights.

And with that, I should go, because the puppy is probably eating the wall right now. (WHY PUPPY WHY?!) But it’s your happy hour anyway, so get to it.



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