APW Happy Hour

Rainbows and confetti and ice-cream, oh my!


I’ve been in Oakland this month, stealing Meg’s (faux) fur to wear around the office and brainstorming over copious cold brew… but yesterday really took the cake. Why? Because Kate and I had invites to the sneak peek of Oh Happy Day’s Color Factory, and it was AMAZING. AWESOME. THE COOLEST.

It was a multi-room celebration of color and joy. A ball pit! Rainbow staircase! Yummy saffron rose soft-serve! Confetti! You can see some of the magic on the APW Instagram stories, and a bit more on the Compact Instagram stories. If you’re in the area, I 110 percent recommend buying a ticket and checking it out yourself, with a fully charged phone for extra documentation.

The way I see it, it’s been a rough week for a lot of us politically (on that note: trans folks are not a burden, not ever), so taking a timeout to just frolic in whimsy and enjoy being alive was very, very welcome.

Now, tell me about what was awesome in your week, because it’s your happy hour!



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