APW Happy Hour

Bridesmaids for hire?

Hey APW!

How was your week? My son started Transitional Kindergarten (aka public school) this week, which involved a lot of crying on my part… though he’s settling in just fine. At work though, things were blessedly slow. Lots of checking things off our to-do lists, a little DIY Tutorial shoot, but mostly just the kind of week where we could hunker down and work.

Last night though, Maddie and I got to go to an event highlighting female founders of various local companies at Rent the Runway‘s San Francisco store. The night ended up with us mostly just trying on piles of clothes, which was sort of… perfect. Now we just need a place to wear these dresses, so… maybe hire us as your bridesmaids?

And on that note, I’m flying down to Orange County to go to the wedding of David’s many extended cousins this weekend (which is Black Tie, LOVE). After much debate, I picked a hotel on the beach, and I think it’s going to be a nice super, super quick trip. What’s on your to-do list for the weekend?

It’s your open thread, hop on it!



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