APW Happy Hour

Our week of weddings and fires

Hey APW,

For nearly the last decade of my life, I’ve spent Mondays through Fridays writing about weddings. But every now and then I get to actually go to (or even be IN a wedding), and it’s always sort of a crazy experience to switch my headspace from wedding expert to wedding participant. But last weekend, for the first time, I got to wrangle my own children in their very first wedding, and that was really bonkers and cool (and I think we can all admit that yes, I do look a lot like Kate wrangling the children at Pippa’s wedding.)

But let’s talk about OUTFITS, because that’s what we’re all really here for. Remember when we did that giant flower girl dress roundup? Well after all that shopping, my two-year-old rose-petal dumper wore a gifted Doloris Petunia dress that was everything. And my dapper, sparkle-loving four-year-old wore this summer leisure suit, straight from Amazon’s discount bin, that at the last minute we dyed purple using iDye poly (which kicks Rit Dye to the curb), and a girls slim cut t-shirt, because apparently we only cut boys clothes in boxy?

BUT WHERE WERE WE LEMMIE TALK ABOUT MY OUTFIT FOR A MINUTE. For the second wedding in a row, I rented a Jill Jill Stuart dress, and loved it. I’ll do a post on it sometime in the future, but I skipped any kind of expensive stick on bra, and used flesh colored gaffer tape, and I’m never going back. I’ve figured out Beyoncé’s secret to perfect boobs in low cut gowns after two pregnancies, and I suddenly can wear ALL the dresses that you can’t wear a bra with. (Oh, and I wore these earrings and this bracelet, for a spiky AF look.)

And a huge thank you to Natalja of Two Moon Photo for being basically the kindest wedding photographer on the planet. LA, hire this woman.

But enough about outfitssssss, how was your week?



P.S. While talking about wedding outfits is a lovely (and frankly very much needed) distraction, at the APW offices our hearts and minds are fully focused on the unfolding tragedy of the North Bay fires. We have staff members, family members, and loved ones who are waiting to see if their homes are gone, and in some cases already know that they’ve lost everything. On top of that, due to winds, our homes and offices are in the middle of some of the most toxic air, which is particularly terrifying with an asthmatic child. It’s frankly hard for us to think about much else (which makes us want to think about… anything else… because, coping). For those of you moved to help in the latest in a string of horrific natural disasters that seem to be sweeping the country, consider giving to: Sonoma County Resilience FundNapa Valley Community Fund and Disaster Fund for Mendocino County.


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