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It’s that time again! The team is looking for a new person to join our crew. We’re hiring someone to head up the sales department and work to grow our revenue streams. Does your skin tingle a little bit every time Don Draper talks? This may be the job for you.

What You’d Do

APW is an entirely self-funded business. That means we’ve never taken investor money. And every penny we earn comes from advertising dollars (at least for now, but you might help us change that.) The role of the Sales Manager is to take what we’re already doing, and then figure out how to make it better. You’ll jump in to manage our existing relationships with our advertising partners (think Squarespace, Brideside, etc.) while brainstorming new and profitable ways to grow APW. Then once you’re on your feet, you’ll own those too. Here’s what some of that might look like:

  • Looking for new brands we can work and then figuring out how to get them to email you back
  • Keeping our existing clients feeling like they’re the most important people in your inbox
  • Overseeing the partnership life cycle from rate negotiations and contracts to invoicing and payment follow up
  • Collaborating with the editorial team to make sure we’re delivering for our ad partners without boring our readers
  • Analyzing the heck out of performance data to figure out how we can be doing better for our partners

Beyond that, though, we’re looking for someone with the creativity and drive to grow the department. We want someone who can look at our existing revenue streams and immediately point out what we’re not doing but should be, and who has the marketing and sales experience to put those ideas into action.

Let’s Talk About Us

A Practical Wedding is a modern, intersectional feminist, woman-owned digital wedding publication. APW has been in business for 11 years, and is one of the largest and most influential wedding publishers in the English Language, and the largest independently owned online wedding publication. We reach just under a million readers a month on our website, and upwards of 7 million on all channels combined. Our founder, Meg Keene, is a leading millennial wedding expert, and is widely and regularly quoted in mainstream media. In addition she has authored two best selling wedding books under the brand’s name.

We are unapologetically womxn-first, and balance meeting our deadlines with creating family friendly work life balance. We’re a small team made up of women that are super ambitious and super collaborative, and who leave their ego at the door. (And from the CEO on down, we all take out the trash, place the occasional Amazon order, and load printer paper.) We’re team players, and our team is the best, with Slack chat that ranges from puppy GIFs, to JVN, to Beyonce… to showing up for each other when it matters.

Let’s Talk About You

  • You have 5+ years of experience in sales or digital marketing (influencer marketing experience a bonus).
  • You are efficient, well organized, and have a strong interest in growing the APW brand.
  • The ideal candidate will have a working knowledge of the wedding industry and a strong professional history demonstrating sales growth in their field.
  • Vibing with APW’s content and brand voice is a must. You can’t fake passion for what we do.
  • Must be able to manage a dense inbox while meeting client deadlines.
  • A strong understanding of what kind of sponsored content makes users convert.
  • Must be able to work on deadline and juggle several priorities at once.
  • While this position will be primarily sales focused, the ideal candidate should be comfortable wearing many hats in a small team environment, must be willing to work on all sorts of projects—from high level to low level—without complaint, and be willing to pinch hit for team members when necessary.
  • Bonus points for a deep bench of experience in the wedding industry.

The Details

Our top priority is finding the right person for this job. Which means we’re a little flexible on the logistical details. The official job description is for a full time hire. But if you’re not looking for full-time work, we’d consider part time as well (no fewer than 25 hours per week unless you can make a really compelling case for it.) We’re looking for someone who’s passionate about growing their position as the company grows, and who would ultimately like work full time for APW. In an ideal world, we’d hire someone in the Bay Area or NYC. However, we’re used to working with staffers from all over the country, so if you think you’re a good fit, APPLY. We’re looking to bring on someone ASAP, and as such will be looking at applications on a rolling basis.

HOURS: Part time or full time (minimum 25 hours per week)

SALARY: Base + Commission, $50K – $70K base depending on experience, plus 20% commission on new business


Please submit all applications to team (at) apracticalwedding (dot) com. Please make the subject of your email “Digital Media Sales Manager” so that we can keep track of incoming applications. In your application, please include:

Cover letter: Tell us your experience, your working style, and why you think you’d be a good fit for this role. Please also include three new ideas for increasing revenue at APW, included as bullet points in your cover letter. These could be sponsored content ideas, or other revenue ideas. We encourage you to think outside the box.

Note: If you are selected for an interview, you may be provided additional assignments as part of the interview process.

We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis—and we can’t wait to hear from you.


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