APW & Ready Made

Heyyyy – APW got a mention in Ready Made this month (you know, a magazine I actually *read*) along with a bunch of other fabulous women. I’m choosing to take this as an auspicious sign for the week of the re-launch… particularly since in a genus move, I picked the week I can’t eat bread for the final push. Fabulous. F*ck.

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  • LPC

    Congratulations! And not surprised:).

  • That is like FAMOUS!!!!

  • congratulations and chag sameach!

  • notoriousmac

    Can I totally take credit for that mention? Brianne Sanchez wrote an article in our local paper about her wedding planning experience several months ago (right around the time I got engaged) and I sent her an email with a link to A Practical Wedding, telling her it was keeping me sane during my own planning process. (And it still is!) I'm sure I wasn't the only one to tell her about it (amazingly, there are scads of indie-minded brides in Iowa), but still! *toots horn*

  • I read that just yesterday! congratulations!!!

  • …and you will be hungover at least two of the mornings!

    chag sameach!

  • rad!


    Did you cut out the article and then send it to your mom to put on the fridge?

    Because I totally would.

  • Very nice!

  • I came to check you out after seeing your blog mentioned in this mag. I'm getting married in October & can't wait to read what you have here.