APW Wedding Budgets, UPDATE!

Oh no you guys!

Oh no. I was… unclear? We misunderstood each other?

Today, when I asked you to send me an email with your budget amount and your location in the subject line, I meant that the email should include your budget. Right now I have a lot of blank emails, which is not so helpful for the book writing. So if you sent me a blank email, can you send a reply to your email to budget at apracticalwedding dot com, and this time include the budget itself? That would make you my best friend.

Later this week I’ll be deleting the blank emails, because, well, I can’t follow up with hundreds of you, as much as I adore you. I’ll of course follow up if I’m going to print your budget it the book.

Thanks again,


PS Your advice in the comment section of the last post is intensely awesome, and will totally be helping me shape the budget chapter (and make the lives of future brides a little bit easier, I hope.

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