The Aisle Walk

You know how people tell you that walking down the aisle will be a transcendent experience? Well, it wasn’t for me. SOMETHING at your wedding will be a transcendent experience, but it might not be walking down the aisle.

Me: How did I look walking down the aisle? Did I look pretty?
David: You looked pretty. (pause) You looked teary.
Me: Oh well, that’s sweet.
David: Well. Sort of. You looked teary like, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’
Me: Oh.


Me: That’s sort of how I felt.

But you know what saved it? I walked out the doors, everyone stood up, I felt really overwhelmed, and right then our friends four year old* who was wearing red cowboy boots, a white rosebud dress, and an enormous pink flower perched right on top of her head, turned around from her seat in the back row, saw me, and with great excitement leaned out into the aisle, waved her whole arm over her head sort of drawled, “Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

And that my friends, that is the kind of detail that matters.

*Who some of you rightly suggested was perhaps channeling tiny Meg from the past. Or really, is a Meg of the future.
First picture: I have prettier ones of the aisle walk, but this some how channels the fact that I was doing some serious deep breathing. Second picture speaks for itself. Both, of course by One Love Photo

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  • Wait. Is that dude sitting in front of the adorable little girl NOT WEARING A SHIRT?!?!

    Please tell me he's not wearing a shirt. Because it kind of looks like he's not wearing a shit.

  • Meg

    It's a strapless dress, silly.

    It wasn't that kind of wedding.

  • OHHHHHH! Duh! I don't know why it didn't occur to me that it would be a woman in a strapless dress.

    I just saw that bareback and thought that would be the most hilariously surprising thing ever, to be walking down the aisle, look over, and realize that so-and-so isn't wearing a shirt!

  • So glad I'm learning that weddings don't have to be picture-perfect to be beautiful… Thank you for sharing your experience on the matter. :)

  • Yes. Our pre-ceremony stuff was very rushed and stressful (up to getting people in live for the processional, even), so our aisle walk was less magic, and more a useful 2 minutes in which I could try to transition from stressed out/grumpy to calm/present. I am grateful for it for that, but it certainly was not a princess moment, and who cares.

    Also I love that little girl! Apparently the moment we recessed our little flower boy, who had been meticulously groomed by his very proper mother, shouted, "We can be LOUD now!" I am sorry I missed it. Kids are the funniest, and totally put everyone at ease.

  • Julie


    You aren't alone! I totally thought that was a shirtless guy too and it made me laugh so hard. How funny would that be!


  • Honestly, there were no "transcendent" experiences at my wedding. It was an amazing, fantastic day, but I didn't transcend anything. I was me, all day long. It was fun, sometimes a little surreal, definitely joyful.

    I tink it's expectations like "best day of your life" and "transcendent" that mess with brides' minds and create the bridezilla world. Because if it isn't TRANSCENDENT if you aren't RADIANT if it isn't PERFECT than there's something wrong with you. No wonder people go nuts.

  • Meg

    Eh, Christy,
    While I'm with you on the best day of your life nonsense, our ceremony was so huge and so trancendent that I wouldn't be doing the day justice if I didn't say, "Hey, there is this trancendent thing that happened." Now mind you, I totally felt like myself the whole time. I mean it's a real thing, so it's gritty and you. But OH BOY did we connect to something much bigger than ourselves.

    If I only had one thing to say about the wedding, that would be it.


  • Meg

    And dude,
    You can't prepare for transcendence. It's not like picking table linins. Like grace, it always takes you by surprise.

  • Oh what a great story… I love your honesty… it's nice to know that things can be pretty scary even if we do want to do them… and the little girl in the boots is so so cute!

  • TNM

    I'm with Christy… As a v. recent bride, neither the aisle walk nor the ceremony was particularly "transcendent." Nerve-wracking, joyful, exciting & teary would be more accurate adjectives. I think one's experience may be connected to how one views the role of weddings & ritual though. For me, the ceremony just felt like a (happy) public event to acknowledge & share a private commitment that we had entered into a long time ago. (Champagne would have been welcome!) Had I a different relationship with religion or a greater connection to a cultural tradition, however, I could imagine that the ceremony – and yes, the aisle walk! – might have had a more transcendent feel…

  • April

    Oh, thank heavens – more sane comments on "the walk". The boy and I are getting married this Saturday (WHEEE! THIS. SATURDAY.) and I kid-thee-not I've had no less than a dozen women ask me, "You must be so excited to walk that aisle!"

    Truth? Not really.

    Which is why the boy is walking WITH me. Because 65 pairs of eyes and 50 feet of concrete ahead just might send me over the edge.

    So I'm glad to hear that someone else didn't have the out-of-body-aisle-walk. I'd really like to walk down with a glass of champagne in my hand, taking sips as I need it. Can I do that?? ;)

    p.s. that little girl is DARLING. What a great moment.

  • Firstly – Those cowboy boots are freakin awesome!

    Secondly – I love that shot of your parents about to walk you down the aisle with your dress all glowy. So lovely.

    Thirdly – these comments are hilarious!

  • I can relate to you Meg – the aisle walk was a little nerve racking for me, but my dad and I bumped into eachother walking out of the door and then both laughed. The ceremony itself felt transcendant for me – like you say in your following post – like everything was stripped away and we were standing there with nothing but love and honesty surrounding us. Everyone's wedding experience is going to be different. If you don't have a moment that you would describe as transcendant, that doesn't mean it was less than perfect… it isn't about "perfection" or what a wedding should be…but some people may experience that emotion. For me, it felt very quiet, calm, and still (in the most joyful way).

  • Also – champagne as you walk the aisle sounds like a new "tradition" to be fostered!

  • Marisa-Andrea

    There were several moments that were definitely transcendent, if you will that I can think of:
    1) The minutes right before my aisle walk when all of our attendants had proceeded before us and it was just me and my father left. That was one of the most precious, nerve-wrecking and emotional experiences of my life. I will never, ever forget it

    2) The aisle walk itself because it hit me then what was really happening (and about to happen) and it was so overwhelming. I looked out and saw our closest friends and family and felt so loved and so supported — it was amazing. I just could not believe that so many people loved us so much and supported us and stood up for us. Our wedding was a LABOR of love so there is a whole backstory that made the aisle infinitely precious. And Chris looked pretty handsome too :-)

    3) The pronouncement of our marriage. That was a surprise but I never ever expected to feel the way that I did when the minister (and our dear, dear friend) pronounced us as husband and wife. There was sort of a deer in headlights moment (like, what just happened? Wait — like, that just happened?!) mixed with joy and rapture mixed with a feeling I cannot even identify even a year later.

  • omg she is too cute!

  • I hope it is still OK to laugh (and secretly wish) that there is a shirtless dude waiting to witness my walk down the aisle next month! Great story and photos.