The Aisle Walk

You know how people tell you that walking down the aisle will be a transcendent experience? Well, it wasn’t for me. SOMETHING at your wedding will be a transcendent experience, but it might not be walking down the aisle.

Me: How did I look walking down the aisle? Did I look pretty?
David: You looked pretty. (pause) You looked teary.
Me: Oh well, that’s sweet.
David: Well. Sort of. You looked teary like, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’
Me: Oh.


Me: That’s sort of how I felt.

But you know what saved it? I walked out the doors, everyone stood up, I felt really overwhelmed, and right then our friends four year old* who was wearing red cowboy boots, a white rosebud dress, and an enormous pink flower perched right on top of her head, turned around from her seat in the back row, saw me, and with great excitement leaned out into the aisle, waved her whole arm over her head sort of drawled, “Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

And that my friends, that is the kind of detail that matters.

*Who some of you rightly suggested was perhaps channeling tiny Meg from the past. Or really, is a Meg of the future.
First picture: I have prettier ones of the aisle walk, but this some how channels the fact that I was doing some serious deep breathing. Second picture speaks for itself. Both, of course by One Love Photo

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