We Absolutely Love This Colorful Feminist Wedding

This wedding also comes with a flamingo cake and rainbow balloons

150717_Lucy+Ravi_weheartpictures-0138 Lucy, PhD Student & Ravi, Global Group Director

Sum-up of the wedding vibe: A tropical kids’ party inspired by two cultures for grown-ups.

Soundtrack Song: “Rock the Casbah” by The Clash

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Favorite Thing about the wedding:

Probably the look on everyone’s faces when they saw the venue for the first time. And of course, kicking back together in a giant bathtub with a bottle and champagne and chips once we got to the hotel!

Other Cool Stuff we should know about:

Peckham is our home, and we wanted to support the amazing local businesses in Southeast London and celebrate the local people we love who do such amazing things. Our caterers (Papi’s Pickles) are a social enterprise that serves incredible South Indian and Sri Lankan food, and also provides employment and support to South Asian women refugees living in London. The beautiful bunting was made by Buy Rice Back, which is part of a charity called My name is Kumar (they fund an orphanage in South India).

Our wedding was truly a family affair. With Ravi’s family hailing from Sri Lanka, and Lucy’s background as a textile designer and art director, we really wanted to combine a taste of South Asia with a glorified kids’ party. Ravi’s uncle was our officiant, the music was provided by Lucy’s brother and his wonderful partner, and the cake was made by Lucy’s very talented aunt, alongside a whole army who helped to decorate the venue the morning of. We are super lucky to have an army of incredibly talented and creative friends who were able to help us bring our DIY vision to life, from the flowers to the wedding outfits. We also made the decision to split our wedding over two days. The ceremony at Asylum was a day for our family and closest friends. We then threw a huge party in a pub the next day so that we could celebrate with our entire friendship group and not worry about upsetting any Nanas.

APW provided quite possibly the only sane advice we received about how to orchestrate a humanist, feminist wedding whilst simultaneously trying to keep two cultures happy—thanks so much guys!


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