At Preservation Hall, New Orleans LA

Me: That 80 year old jazz pianist is wearing your shirt. I told you that was a shirt for an 80 year old man.
David: Oh. Yeah… well it’s not exactly my shirt. The stitching is a little different.
Me: So you’re saying he just has great style?
David: No, I’m saying he’s not 80.
Me: 70?
David: Yeah.

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  • Isa

    Hi Meg, just wondering if you're thinking of changing the blog name to A Practical Marrige??

    I love that the emphasis has shifted more toward marriage – I feel like I am sharing your newly-wed journey, just as I shared the nearly-wed one!

    Thanks so much for the thoughtfulness of your blog! :-D

  • Meg

    Nope. I own a marriage URL, that I will probably use in addition to this one at some point. But I'll still be blogging weddings here. But it's not practical. I wanted a practical wedding because the cultural pressure is to have a INsane wedding. I have zero interest in having a practical marriage, when all of our cultural pressure is to do just that. I'd like to have a brave marriage, maybe, or an honest one.

  • Sigh, love it. You guys are totally like us. We should all be having some po boys together.

    Well once we're back on the same continent.

  • I have zero interest in having a practical marriage, when all of our cultural pressure is to do just that.

    make that some of our cultural pressure. there are, happily, plenty of holdouts.

  • Katherine

    Longtime lurker here.

    I like the idea of both a brave and an honest marriage, but I usually feel very little pressure to have a "practical" marriage and much, much, more pressure to have a "perfect" marriage… But as my wise husband would say: "I don't want a 'perfect' marriage. I want a happy marriage."

  • This is my boyfriend and me. I could have written this dialogue.

  • This post makes me laugh because my partner wears these loafers that her coworkers call her old man shoes.

  • sam

    Ah-ha! I love little exchanges like this :)
    I like the concept of A Brave Marriage. I think to have a truly honest, life-long marriage in our society takes a lot of courage… and the occasional Grand Adventure.

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