Kate & Micah’s Texas Lovefest

* Kate, Development Director for a Nonprofit Preschool & Micah, Freelance Web Designer/Developer * Photographer: Natalie Seeboth * Soundtrack for reading: “Digital Love” by Daft Punk as covered by Vitamin String Quartet *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Two families meet in the middle of the country and mess with Texas.

The Info—Photography: Natalie SeebothVenue: Mercury Hall / Kate’s Dress: Etsy / Floral Crown, Boutonnieres, and Other Details: Petals, ink.

Other cool stuff we should know about: This was a destination wedding, so all eighty-three guests flew or drove to Austin and spent the whole weekend with us. We had combined bachelor and bachelorette parties Friday night (my Maid of Awesome arrived in a full-body, male-genitalia suit), a Tex-Mex Meet and Greet Dinner on Saturday at the ranch my parents rented for the weekend and the big event on Sunday.

All glass and tableware from the two events were compostable and we made the Save the Dates, welcome bags, place cards, BBQ Emergency Kit favors, and day-of decorations ourselves. We had all-you-can-eat BBQ, an ice cream truck for dessert, and a photobooth that was beyond a hit.

In lieu of bridesmaids or groomsmen, we had twenty of our best friends and family serve as our Commitment Crew and we also had a ring warming before our short and sweet ceremony. My godparents were our “Ring-Bringers.”

My retro ceremony dress, with the union tags, was $40 from Etsy—holla back girl!

Favorite thing about the wedding: We had the three-day lovefest that we wanted for under $15k! (And that’s including everything, from gifts for our Commitment Crew to our awesome photographer.)

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  • Catherine

    Gorgeous! way to stay under budget and pull off an amazing weekend! You look so beautiful and happy.

  • Crayfish Kate

    Your wedding looks like it was a blast! I love the idea of having a Commitment Crew instead of bridesmaids/groomsmen. Please, enlighten me as to what a ‘ring warming’ is! I have never heard of this before & it sounds very sweet. Beautiful wedding!

    • Manya

      Ring warming is where you pass your rings around and each guest holds them in their hands and “warms” them with a prayer or blessing for your love and marriage. We did it in our ceremony right before exchanging our rings. We played Train’s “Marry Me’ as they went around, and just had a moment together during the ceremony to be with each other and savor it quietly while the song played. It was really special.

      • Emily

        That sounds AMAZING!

    • Kate McMullen

      Thank you all so much for your wonderful words – totally geeking out at work!

      Manya’s right on the $ re: the ring warming. However, we were worried we had too many people to do it during the ceremony, so we had people walk by the ring warming table on their way to our ceremony spot. I’ve never been to a wedding when it’s been done before (meaning, neither had most of our family and friends) but people loved it. And the pictures, many of which are in this post, are priceless since we were hidden away and couldn’t watch people do it.

      Just a note about the ridiculously cheesy, 2nd to last picture: that’s me with my Day of Coordinator and her assistant. If you can afford one but have any doubts if you actually want or need (or can’t admit you need) a DoC, let this picture be your guide.

      • Crayfish Kate

        Thank you! That is one of the sweetest, most touching things I’ve heard!

  • Hope

    Flowing dress, flower crown, and long curled hair? Prettiest bridal attire I’ve ever seen!

  • tess

    I am also really interested in the idea of a “Commitment Crew.” Can you elaborate? We are not interested in the hierarchy that comes with a bridal party, but will have nearly all out of town guests, so folks can’t do too much helping out from out of state. How did you involve your Commitment Crew?

  • I love it!! I like the phrase “Commitment Crew”.. and “Maid of Awesome”, ha.

    And congratulations!! :)

  • Catherine

    Love the flowers in your hair, and the dress, and how light and happy and glowing everything is!

  • Class of 1980

    This wedding is far out. ;)

  • Michelle

    Your wedding looks so lovely and fun! If I may ask – does the Etsy vendor you got your dress from still sell any other dresses in that style? My best friend, who is getting married in October, has described to me her dream dress (which is almost exactly like yours) but it’s been impossible to find a style like that for an affordable price. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask – thanks!

  • Emily

    Love the ring in the second picture. Can you share details?

  • A practical and unique wedding. The changes made actually add to the charm and made this lovely wedding interesting too… like the godparents being the Ring Bringers and a ring warming. Cool!

  • Awesome wedding and very nice job putting it all together!