Eva & Tyson

Eva, Senior Organizing Manager of Sierra Club &  Tyson, Registered Nurse at St. Davids Hospital * Photographer: Lauren McGlynn (APW Sponsor) * Soundtrack for reading: “That’s The Way Love Goes” by Janet Jackson *

The Info—Photography: Lauren McGlynn / Venue: The French Legation Museum in East Austin /Caterer: Me So Hungry / Officiant: Best friend, Lindsey Barnes / Flowers: Cheri Grant at the Gala Gal (centerpieces by Eva & friends!) / DJ: Edwin Morales / Dress: Made by local Austin Designer Chia Guillory / Shoes: Seychelle “I dos” / Earrings: Michelle Goni (bridesmaid) family heirloom/ Suit: Hugo Boss / Shoes: Cole Haan Wing Tips / Bridesmaid Dresses: J Crew (Starla’s was handmade by Grandma Vicki!) / Groomsmen: Banana Republic

Other cool stuff we should know about: The wedding was very much a community affair, from hundreds of handmade fabric flowers sewn by friends and family, to the Dads hanging all the lights the night before, to the officiant who is one of our best friends! A local designer made the dress, and we bought the fabric from this great little fabric specialty shop, Silk Road Textile, which is located at a great little art studio in East Austin. The food was from an East Austin specialty food trailer, and they served up Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwiches which were a hit! The DJ was one of my oldest friends from college, and he tore it up! Our families got along amazingly, and we danced the night away.

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Ceremony and celebration of love, through and through, that turned out to be one hell of a party.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Eva—It’s so hard to chose just one favorite thing, but if I had to I would try to sum it up by just saying all the love in the air (is that one thing?)! Tyson and I felt every minute was amazing, our families loved each other, our friends came in from different parts of the country, and it was just all around a big giant party to celebrate our love! Tyson—I was really excited to see Eva, because I had not seen the dress yet and it really was perfect. It was the best day of my life and the most fun! The dance party at the Longbranch Inn was absolutely amazing!

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