Stunning Balloon Garlands You Can Totally DIY

Instagram worthy backdrops without breaking the bank

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Specifically to the time we created over-the-top balloon garlands that looked like they swallowed Meg’s dining room? Yup, these ones. We loved them and y’all did too. At the time, we were lucky enough to work with a professional balloon artist, but lucky for us balloon-loving folx, gorgeous, high-end looking balloon garlands like these have never been easier or more affordable to DIY thanks to a whole range of kits that include everything you need to achieve this look. The future is now, y’all!

But before you pull the trigger on ordering your Instagram-worthy balloon installation kit there are a few things to keep in mind:balloon garland pin with image of balloons in dining room

Set Your Color Palette

Do you love the monochrome look? Favor neutral colors? Maybe you just want ALL THE COLORS. Do you. If you’re unsure where to start, my advice is to select 3-5 colors from your palette for your balloon garland. Even if you’re going for a monochrome look, select a few shades of your chosen color for your balloons, this will add depth and texture to your design as you’re assembling your project.

Figure Out Where It’s Going TO GO

Will your fancy balloon installation be a full backdrop? A wedding arch or entry way detail? A Zoom background? Decide now, because in this case, size matters. A garland that is installed over a dessert table won’t necessarily be the same size as an entryway piece so, measure, measure, measure!

Gather Your Supplies

So you know you need balloons, but what else is on the list? While some kits come with everything you need (pro tip: double check the contents of the kits when purchasing, you don’t want to be surprised later) other kits might come with balloons only (helpful if you’re not sure how many balloons you need), so here’s a basic list of supplies you’ll want to make sure to have on hand as you’re assembling:

  1. Latex Balloons (for a more sculptural effect, try varying the shapes and sizes of your balloons. Mix tiny balloons and standard balloons with oversized giant round ones. Remember to have fun with it and play with color combos to see what feels best!)
  2. Electric Balloon Pump
  3. Balloon Decorating Strip and Glue Dots
  4. Clear Hooks

Patience, Patience, Patience

I’m gonna keep it super real with y’all right now. This isn’t the quickest project out there, even with a kit assembled for you. But after a few popped balloons and a little elbow grease (and patience) you’ll be able to achieve the balloon garland backdrop of your dreams. And, we’ll be here, virtually, to cheer you on the whole way.

Balloon Garland Kits

retro balloon garland on trailer

Retro DIY Balloon Kit via Party Bar Co.

I’m super into this palette, retro vibes but updated for modern times. Plus, the variation on ballon sizing is perfection!

blue and white fringe and balloons

Blue Biodegradable Balloons via Party Connoisseur

This dreamy installation is perfect for a seaside celebration where you don’t want to overpower the gorgeous backdrop that is the ocean itself. (Plus since it’s biodegradable, it’s more eco-friendly!)

multi-color balloons

100Pcs Wedding Balloon Garland & Arch Kit via Amazon 

Because sometimes you can’t choose just one color.

neutral balloon backdrop

Boho Balloon Garland Kit by Ellie’s Party Supply

Looking for some ultra-feminine bridal shower inspo? These blush and and peach tones are spot on.

pastel balloon kit

Pastel Balloons Garland Kit via Amazon 

This gorgeous bright palette and oversized balloons scream fun celebration, without veering into “kid’s birthday party.”

gold and white cascading balloons

190pcs Matte White Balloons Arch Garland Kit via Just Party Boutique 

Sometimes you just need to stick with the classics, and white and gold never go out of style.

blue, white and silver balloons

141 Pcs Blue Silver Balloon Garland Kit by Patimate via Amazon 

Hello mirror balloons! I’ll just be over here trying to contain my excitement.

112pcs Balloon Garland Engaged Latex Balloon Kit via Fairy Tale Party

When you don’t want to decide between a balloon installation and elaborate floral arrangements, sticking to a neutral palette might be the way to go.

white and rose gold balloons

White Balloon Garland Kit by DUBEDAT via Amazon 

Cascading rose gold mirror balloons? Here for it.

pink, purple and gold balloon installation

Bridal Shower Garland Kit by LA Pressed Events

More is more, right? Layer it on!

green and white balloon decoration

127PCS Olive Green Balloon Garland Arch Kit via Amazon 

Layering in real or faux greenery accents can really elevate your design.

pink balloons

Balloon Garland Arch Kit via Amazon

When I mentioned an elevated dessert table this is what I was talking about!

ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT DECORATING WITH BALLOONS? Need help selecting a color palette? Do you have assembly questions? We’re here to help in the comment section!

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