A Baltimore Neighborhood Wedding

The memory of our wedding day, reflected in our everyday

Kate, Public Librarian & Erissa, Specialty Coffee Maven

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: A neighborhood crawl full of love, dancing, and pizza.

Soundtrack for reading: “Parentheses” by The Blow


Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

This was not the wedding we had dreamed of, but it was perfect. Before we were even engaged we had decided that we wanted a rustic-chic barn wedding with a pig roast. We held on to that dream for about six months before admitting to ourselves that we’re city people and we’re lazy. We didn’t want to spend time and money and energy on a wedding that would be really pretty, but also really stressful for us. What we did want was to wake up in our own home on our wedding day and walk to our super fun wedding. So that’s what we did. We held the ceremony in a city park up the street and our favorite neighborhood bar and restaurant agreed to let us have our reception there. It was simple and awesome and us.

Even though we went the minimal logistics route, we still had a lot of help from our people. Kate’s best friend from college officiated and made everyone laugh and cry. The jazz trio that played our ceremony music was put together by Kate’s brother. One bridesmaid designed our save the dates and programs, played in the post-ceremony band, and helped her chef-boyfriend make post-ceremony snacks for all of our guests. Two other bridesmaids managed the set up and breakdown at our two locations, freeing us up to just enjoy the day. We could not have pulled this wedding off without these amazing people, and a whole cadre of other friends and family who helped in ways big and small.

Favorite Thing About The Wedding

Walking to the ceremony and having strangers honk and call out their congratulations. The way our friends and family took care of everything the day of so that we could just have fun. That even though the wedding was just one day, it is part of our everyday. When we go for a run through the park, when we walk to our neighborhood coffee shop on a Sunday morning, when we pick up pizza to take to a friend’s, the memory of our wedding is all around us.


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