There is something inexplicable wonderful, and also sometimes almost spooky, about having a photographer with an artistic sensibilities so close to your own. Particularly if, like me, you have a very specific and quirky visual sense… This morning, this wonderful package arrived in the post from Heather and Jon, of One Love Photo. How perfect is that? And yes, that’s a Nikki McClure card. Those delightfully packaged things are our DVDs of pictures, which means that wedding week is next week. *Our* wedding week.

I wrote a sequence of small posts where I tried to capture a bit of each part of the wedding, right after we got back from our honeymoon. Next week I’ll be sharing the vignettes in chronological order. It’s bittersweet for me, sharing our wedding here. I’ve been writing about the process for so long that writing the final chapter is both hard and wonderful.

When our friends looked at our wedding pictures this week, more than one of them said simply, “That was a very very good day.” And that may be the highest complement of all. For me, looking back to that beautiful August morning, it seems like a day of great richness that I want to hold close to my heart forever, but it also seems like the beginning of something even more better and more beautiful.

So here is to new beginnings. Here we go.

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  • So exciting, our CD arrived today too (although because we weren't there to sign for it it's now sat at the post office boo!). I'm really looking forward to looking through them all but I know what you mean about the bittersweet feel. You're right though, now it's time for new beginnings. After seeing your lovely photographs that is!

  • Both of you are right. I got a whole new rush when we received our 'Day After' photos in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Even though the time between wedding and the next shoot was four months, it kept me in 'the loop'.

    New beginnings and new projects indeed!

    Gorgeous packaging, BTW.

  • yay!! looking forward to seeing it!! and there seems to be something clicking with the universe – because your week of wedding wrap-up falls on the week before my wedding. pretty cool :)

  • Ooh, love this. I can't wait to see the photos! That website is beautiful!

  • I love this: we get to share this day with you over and over!

    Plus a belated thanks for DIT week. I'm very excited about trying some of these things out when B and I get hitched next year!

  • so excited!!! I can't wait to see the pictures. And jeepers, that packaging is amazing.

  • How exciting!! I like your post title…that is exactly the way it should feel! Thanks for sharing! Our wedding is this Saturday and hope to look back on wonderful, amazing memories as well! Enjoy the process!

  • I got a little tingle reading this post! Can't wait to see your photos. What a cute little package they came in too!

  • :) oh you. it will be so good.

    also, our p had awesome unique interactive packaging. i always *meant* to blog it….

  • Wow. You are wonderful with words. I just returned from our honeymoon in Seattle after our beautiful Colorado wedding on 09.27.09…I too will hold that incredible day close to my heart and all of the emotions that go along with it. It is has been a pleasure reading your blog and you have been such an inspiration to keep my wedding real. I know that I was a happy (genuinely happy!) bride on my wedding day, in part because I was reminded what would be truly important on that day, from reading your blog. Thank you for everything!