15 of the Best Instagram Moments in 2016

Thankfully, some parts of 2016 were excellent

couple walking down the stairs after getting married(Photo by Alex Kundy)

So 2016 is basically over, and while my first instinct is absolutely “goodbye and good riddance,” there were definitely some stunning moments that got lost under all the ugliness. The rad thing about curating the colorful #feels party that is the APW Instagram feed is that I’m not just documenting fancy new trends, I’m also reveling in other people’s… love? It’s cheesy and also completely true. Take the header image, for example. It’s not just amazing because that pant with semi-skirt over it plus crop-top combo hits it outta the ballpark—it’s also the ear to ear, “holy shit I’m stoked on life” smiles the newlyweds are sporting.

Here’s a roundup of the best wedding ideas of Instagram, both because I needed to relive all the sparkles, and because hey, there’s some pretty brilliant, totally usable (and/or inspiring) images to pin away for a planning day:

blue crystal crown

blue crystal crowns: Crystal crowns aren’t new, but it’s one thing we are 100% here for. Colored crystals? Even better. (Crown by Crystal Eclipse Crowns; Makeup by Raisa Flowers; Photo by Najva Sol)

ride or die text on board

Message boards are the new chalkboards: Clearly this the kind of question you should be asking before saying, “I do.” (Photo by Letter Folk Co via Moxie Bright Events)

hillary and bill on their wedding day

#IMSTILLWITHHER: Y’all, let’s all bask in this wedding, because it’s still excellent, even if the entire world has gone to shit in the last two months.

a couple holding hands

WEDDING GLOVES AND HATS: Can we talk about this killer southern belle outfit combination? Because it doesn’t get much better than this. (Photo by Kelley Raye)

dog wearing a flower crown

put flowers on it: Sometimes your dog wears your flower hat better than you do, and you just have to roll with it. (Photo and flowers by Winston and Main)

muslim couple with hot air balloons

muslim joy: Y’all, it’s been a rough few months in the media for our Muslim friends. Let’s celebrate their joy instead. Also, how certain cities (in this case, Cappadocia!) ARE the backdrop, amiright? (Photo by Semra Akçay)

married af shirt

MARRIED AF: We love this shirt, you love this shirt, this shirt is the best thing. (Photo and Shirt by The Daily Tay)

tidal wave wedding cake

hand-painted cakes: Why not eat your wedding art instead? (Cake by Tortik Annushka)

crystal lips

CRYSTAL LIPS: Don’t let our name fool you. Sometimes practical means “pretty to look at because that’s what I want to do.” (Photo and Lips by Johannah)

metallic wedding dress

METALLIC DRESS FTW: This is the kind of wedding dress you wear when your wedding motto is “Why not?” (Photo by Morgan Chidsey via a and bé; Dress by Truvelle Bridal)

wedding heels with wings

WINGED SHOES: Let your wedding give you wings. (Photo by Nellie Lim; Shoes by Sophia Webster)

stackable geometric rings

STACKABLE RINGS: Whether it’s geometric or vintage, this Art Deco meets stackable ring is pure fire. (Photo and Rings by Fiat Lux SF)

golden pineapple

pineapple cake: This cake makes me say OMG in a very real way. Who knew gold pineapple cake was a real thing that you can EAT? (Photo by Adorn Cakes via Cake Porm)

mermaid of honor shirt

MERMAID OF HONOR: The shop behind the decal is on vacation right now, but this “Mermaid of Honor” shirt still reigns supreme. (Photo by Taylor TV)

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