9 Best Wedding Ideas We’ve Seen on Instagram This Year (So Far)

All black everything and Drake on cake...

by Najva Sol, Brand Director

geode cake with crystals

Instagram is fantastic, but also there’re a LOT of terrible ideas on it. It’s not really Pinterest yet… all mason jars and styled shoots, but man. There’re over a million photos hash-tagged under wedding ideas. So instead of making y’all go through them, I’ve spent an absurd amount of time trolling the insta-webs and pulled the best of them into the official APW feed. And of those? There’re a few ideas that really stand out. Here’re my favorites of 2016 so far:

crystal cake

Crystal cakes: I love crystals. And I love cakes. So why not combine them for a pretty shiny woo fest that is also delicious? BONUS: the top one is actually pretty damn affordable if you’re in the Bay Area. (Header: Photo by Corbin Gurkin, cake by Sainte G. Cake Company | Above: Cake by Alana Jones-Mann)

12822526_1160358330676159_731710611_n 12677263_1038348966203328_1494771566_n

BEsties LINGERIE Party: Hanging with your wedding party could totally be an excuse to wear those impractical fancy lacy things. We have no real idea what’s going on in the first picture, but we want in. (First: Image by Alex Nardulli, Lingerie by Married & Bright, Venue by Boo Cat Club, Planning by Orange Blossom Special Events | Second: Image and clothes by Revolve Clothing)

bohemian antler bouquet

Antler Bouquet: Okay, maybe this one isn’t for EVERYONE, but it does look really cool, so if you happen to have some some antlers lying around you should totally try this. (Image by Mary Mathis)

cat wedding photobomb11910206_593816570757411_875302604_n

Cat photo bombs: Duh. Nothing more to say. (Both Images by Adair Stepanov)

truvelle bridal wedding dress

Sparkly princess skirts: Small dresses are awesome too, but there’s something about taking up a WHOLE LOT OF SHINY SPACE that I am a hundred percent behind. (Dress by Truvelle Bridal, Image by Morgan Chidsey for a & bé bridal shop)


Drake on Cake: Why not have your favorite rap lyrics in pink frosting? Obviously, there’re lots of lines that would do well. There’s always the “If you had a twin, I would still choose you.” (Cake by Drake on Cake)

Daalarna Couture Wedding Dress iceland elopement photo

WINTER WEDDINGS. No longer are destination weddings always about sand and sunshine. Think: Iceland and mountains. (First: Dress by Daalarna Couture, Image by Meghan Kay Sadler | Second: Image by Christina Karst)


Salt and pepper diamonds. Clear, perfect, diamonds are cool, but I have a soft spot for something a little more flawed. The symbolism seems just right. (Ring by Digby & Iona)


All black everything. As Missy says, let’s flip it and reverse it. So long, white. (Image by Cari Courtright)


Najva Sol

Najva Sol is a queer Iranian-American writer, photographer, branding consultant, artist, and ex-poet.  She’s the token staff Slytherin and—while formally based in Brooklyn—tends to travel as much as possible. Storytelling is her life, but making chicken broth is a close second.

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  • Amy March

    Oh god please no. Please can we not make playing around in your lingerie with your friends for the adorbs insta photos a thing people actually think to do? Do your bridesmaids seriously need even more pressure? I think this is one of those things where if you and your friends actually think it is awesome you’ve already had the idea or done it. And if you’re just learning about it from Instagram or wedding blogs maybe just don’t?

    • Oh Dear

      I can see the “Exercise Routines For Your Bridesmaids Lingerie Romp” videos from here.

    • Les

      Yeah, smells too much like sexy pillow fight to me.

    • HAH, I do actually regularly have lingerie parties with my friends but I *personally* hadn’t thought to do it for a wedding party. And I think it sounds fun? I rarely break out my garters in normal life anymore. And I’d prefer fancy under-things as gifts over a monogrammed button down… if I HAD to choose ;)

      But hey! These are just concepts. Obviously, don’t do it if it isn’t something everyone would genuinely enjoy.

      • Jessica

        Yeah, I got super into lingerie a couple years ago when my victoria’s secret bras fell apart within 3 months of buying them (yes, I handwashed). I would totally be up for a lingerie party, but would not expect all my friends to be down with having a photographer there, nor all of them be down in general.

        On a related note: http://www.thelingerieaddict.com/2016/03/52655.html

    • A.

      All of this, plus my brain can’t help but go to the fact that my *sister-in-law* was one of my bridesmaids. I think this would be way too “This is what I wear before I have sex with your brother! And you’re wearing something similar too now!” for anyone to be comfortable. :p

      • Bethany

        Bahaha! This is why I also CANNOT with lingerie showers. I don’t need people knowing what I’m going to wear before I have sex! And mostly I just want to buy my own underwear. But to each her own! ;)

        • clarkesara

          Oh god, my mother asked if I wanted to have a lingerie shower with my grandmother, aunts, and assorted female friends of the family (my friends live in a different city and are not part of the shower process), and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

          • a few

            No, just – No! I vetoed that idea right off the bat, too. And, if my FMIL or other family members bought me under ware, I would return it and try to forget the party whenever anything remotely close to an event needing under ware happened!

        • quiet000001

          Old but I dunno – my bras are expensive enough that as long as I got to register for it, I might do a lingerie shower just to improve my collection. Though it’d probably be way more practical stuff and sports bras than skimpy sexy stuff because skimpy sexy stuff does not hold up the girls, yo.

      • “I Don’t Knowww, Margo!”

        My FMIL bought me some lingerie-type nighty and robe sets that she showed me, but wouldn’t let me take home- I think she’s saving it for a potential shower gift? But I told my guy that his mom is trying to get him laid.

    • gonzalesbeach

      the only lingerie party i’d like to attend is the one that ends in an orgasm

      • though I absolutely disagree, I 100% enjoy this comment.

      • Mariellanglinais3

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    • emilyg25

      I had an accidental underwear party for my fourth birthday because it was August, a heat wave with no AC, and our 2 close family friend’s little girls. That’s about the only underwear party I’m signing up for.

    • clarkesara

      This was my exact thought with this. Like… but what if I don’t want to be in my underwear with my future SIL and her cousin and college bestie who I’ve never met. (And along those lines, is it just me or do SO MANY WIC things assume that your bridal party is made up of all your best friends evarrrr and not the actual reality of family etc? I feel like wedding inspo photo shoots sometimes forget they’re not coming up with ideas for an Urban Outfitters catalog.)

      • B.

        Right?? Only two of my six bridesmaids weren’t family.

      • anon

        Then, like everything else to do with a wedding that other people like but you don’t – don’t do it.

        • clarkesara

          When you’re a bridesmaid, there is a LOT of pressure to go along with weird whims the bride has.

          • anon

            I’ve never been a BM to someone I wasn’t close enough to disclose my concerns or reservations to, but I guess it’s all in how you’ve been raised.

          • clarkesara

            As I said, I’m the bridesmaid to my future SIL. I’ve met her twice. She seems nice and all, but if she wanted to do a lingerie party/hangout/photo shoot like this I wouldn’t really be in a position to rain on her parade. I was raised not to throw hissy fits, and I would hope that my SIL was raised not to put other people out. I mean, I think stuff like this is a “know your crowd” thing, but with the number of brides who forget that “know your crowd” also applies to their bridesmaids, stuff like this can seem really demanding.

    • Kim

      Yeaaaah. I kind of also feel this way about those photos with all the bridesmaids lined up in matching robes. Like, great, awesome, super fun if you and your bridesmaids are into that! But body-image issues much? Heck, I feel pretty good about my body, and I still wouldn’t want photos floating around of me dressed in a skimpy robe with a bunch of other girls (who I may or may not know that well?).

      I don’t know. I’m not a touchy-feely or “let’s all just be naked and proud” type of person. More power to ya if that’s what you AND your brideswomen genuinely want to do, as long as you leave the peer pressure at the door.

      • Sosuli

        “I feel pretty good about my body, and I still wouldn’t want photos floating around of me dressed in a skimpy robe with a bunch of other girls” Exactly.

        My Scandi friends and I go to the sauna full on naked together on a regular basis. But I still can’t imagine them being up for a skimpy lingerie party together. At least for me, loving my body also means I don’t need to prove it to anyone by taking instagramable pictures of myself and friends. Great if someone enjoys this with friends and the women in the picture are obviously having a great time, but here’s hoping social media doesn’t turn it into a thing anyone feels like they have to do.

  • joanna b.n.

    Salt and pepper diamonds are purrrrrddddyyyyyyy…

    • raccooncity

      I believe the term the insurance people used for my diamond is “industrial-grade”…but I think I’m going to go with salt and pepper now. My ring is one of my most favourite things and I love that I can pick my diamond out of a lineup with no magnifying glass.

      • Leona Parrett

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    • Brittany

      My ring is a grey diamond (I think it’s the same thing? Although mine is definitely more silver and less peppery) and I love it. It has so much depth!

  • How did I not know about Drake on Cake???? I”m a huge Drake fan, I had to immediately go follow that account.

    Also that all-black wedding pic? BOSS.

  • Totch

    Oh APW, why did you have to post the Truvelle dress with the rose gold sequined ombre? I thought I was over it!

    It’s not the one I chose and it’s really not me or right for the wedding we’re having and I love my dress way more. But damn, that’s bizarro me’s dress and I want both.

    • I also want that dress. For important things. Like grocery shopping. And extreme lounging.

      • Totch

        Or just for spinning.

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  • Curious

    What happened to monogamy monday? The last two were so good and I’ve been looking forward to a new post all week!

    • They’re spread out but totally have more coming for you <3

  • April

    That Truvelle dress is my dream dress. I almost went and tried it on but decided against it since I didn’t want to drop 2 large on a dress but *swoon* SO PRETTY