These Are The Best Umbrellas For a Rainy Wedding

When it ra-i-i-i-ns on your wedding day, you'll be glad you spent the $15

No one wants to have to bust out a basket of wedding umbrellas for rain on their wedding day (cue Alanis Morissette warble). But due to unfortunate realities, sometimes you don’t have any choice. Rain does a few nice things for weddings. (Clouds make for the best photos.) But mostly it just makes everything really soggy and wet. And if you’re the kind of person who spent a lot of time thinking about beautiful outdoor wedding portraits, it can also jack your plans for photos. But it doesn’t have to! Yes, you probably want to buy a just-in-case wedding umbrella for rain for practical purposes. (Or two. Or a dozen, depending on how much you trust your people to read a weather report before showing up at your wedding.) But a stylish umbrella can also add some fun and whimsy to your wedding photos. My favorite wedding umbrellas for rain are the clear bubble kind (because you can actually see your faces). At $15 a pop, they don’t break the bank and they make for dreamy and romantic portraits like this:

a couple walks through a field using clear wedding umbrellas for rain while the groom holds the brides train up and out of the grassa couple smiling huddling under a wedding umbrella for rain while wearing a clear plastic rain ponchosa bride and groom standing on a brick walkway. The bride holds a clear wedding umbrella for rain and the groom is standing up in a wheelchair supported by leg braces

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If pictures aren’t your top priority, then any old umbrella that covers your body can be a good wedding umbrella for rain (I got you this windproof taco umbrella because I love you). But if you want form and function, then I’ve rounded up ten of my favorite wedding umbrellas for rain afflicted nuptials:


product shot of Totes Women's Clear Wedding Umbrella for rain

This clear bubble umbrella is pretty much the gold standard in cute yet functional wedding umbrellas for rain. At $14 you could even spring for wedding umbrellas in bulk for your whole wedding party. (Totes Women’s Clear Wedding Umbrella, $14)

product shot of a clear wedding umbrella for rain with the words 'love is in the air' printed on it

Leave it to Kate Spade to do a cheeky twist on the clear umbrella. This one says “Love Is In The Air.” So if you’re looking for a statement wedding umbrella for rainy festivities, this is your guy. (Kate Spade Love Is In The Air Umbrella)

product shot of a clear wedding umbrella for rain with gold polka dots

If you’re looking for something a little more whimsical, this metallic polka dot bubble umbrella has you… wait for it… covered. Badum tsss. (ShedRain Bubble Umbrella in Clear Gold Dot)

product shot of a translucent wedding umbrella for rain with holographic coloring

I am only a tiny bit obsessed with this holographic umbrella. While it’s not technically clear, it’s close enough, and frankly I need it in my life. So maybe you need it in your wedding. (Holographic Umbrella)

a product shot of a transparent pastel pink wedding umbrella for rain

If you’re buying wedding umbrellas in bulk and want to save a few bucks, these dome umbrellas are a little cheaper, under $10. They don’t offer quite as much coverage as the full bubble umbrella, but on the upside, you can get them in a bunch of fun pastel colors in addition to the OG clear umbrella. (PanDaDa Clear Umbrella)

product shots of a selection of clear wedding umbrella for rain with light saber poles What’s that? Did I hear you say what you really wanted is a wedding umbrella that’s also a lightsaber? Well you’re in luck, because I got you just that. Or if you’re not really feeling The Force, but still want an umbrella to light your way, this light up clear umbrella would make for some really cool after-dark photos. (LED Lightsaber Umbrella)
a product shot of a clear wedding umbrella for rain with white lacy flower and heart doodles and a small white ruffle edge

If a wedding parasol is more your style, but you still need protection from the elements, this clear lace umbrella is a two-for-one. (Transparent Princess Style Rain Umbrella)

product shot of a clear wedding umbrella for rain with London cityscape sketch print and black edge

This cityscape umbrella is perfect for your NYC or London elopement. (Fashion Bubble Umbrella)

product shot of a clear wedding umbrella for rain with bright multi-colored polka dot print

You know what really doesn’t vibe? Confetti and moisture. But you can get this fun polka dot wedding umbrella for rain and it’s almost like the next best thing. (Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella in Dots)

product shot of a heart shaped red wedding umbrella for rain

And if a clear umbrella really isn’t your jam, I had to throw in this heart shaped red umbrella for good measure. Is it a little cheesy? Maybe. Is it cheesy in all the right ways? Yes. (Heart Shaped Umbrella)

While I obviously hope you’ll all have clear skies on your wedding day and won’t need a wedding umbrella for rain—I am not going to be one of those people who tells you that rain on your wedding day is lucky because that’s some bullshit—I have also been to enough weddings to know that, barring actual hurricane levels of moisture, a little precipitation seldom spoils the mood. And with a stylish umbrella, it won’t spoil photos either.

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