Beth & Chris’ Simple Orcas Island Wedding

This wedding, shot by Seattle photographer Jenny Jimenez has such an amazing simplicity to it. I’m so inspired by this wedding, because it seems that the couple stripped all the excess away, leaving a pure and simple ceremony, expressing love and joy and family. And on top of that, it features stellar scenery (who would ever need wedding decorations again, if we all got married in amazing natural places like this), found art sculpture, and a dress so amazing I would steal it out of the pictures and wear it myself if I could.
Beth and Chris planned their wedding while living halfway around the world in Mumbai, India. Beth had her dress made for her in India, and I think it might be the most beautiful wedding dress I’ve ever seen. Simple, somewhat traditional, but made of a easy relaxed fabric.
The wedding took place on family property on Orcas Island, where Chris’s grandfather had collected items and made them into found art.

Is there anything more we could as for on our wedding day then to climb through nature, barefoot, with our beloved? Since we are also getting married in nature, I intend to be doing some of this myself.
The bride was walked down the aisle by both of her parents, a Jewish tradition that I love. And look how much they are all enjoying each others company!
I’ve showed you their chuppah before. So simple and so beautiful.
The ceremony site featured some of Chris’ grandfathers found art, three concrete circles overlooking the water.
I love pictures of couples laughing and enjoying each other during the ceremony.
The wedding pictures that I love the most are always these pictures of the couple, after the ceremony, giddy with the joy of it all.
And ok… this picture, with the vintage umbrellas… Oh. My. God. Best wedding party ever.
The evening ended with some dancing in the barn.
And a huge hora outside. Hurrah!

A big congratulations to Beth and Chris! And a huge thank you to Jenny Jimenez for sharing this wedding with me. You should go check out much more of this wedding on her blog.

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  • Aww — that last picture is so sweet! What a lovely wedding!

  • Stunning photos. That location is inspirational!

  • What beautiful pictures!!

  • What a beautiful wedding and I love the huppah!

  • I may seriously have to stop visiting this blog. That dress is to die for. You have me reconsidering my dress and I already have 2.

  • Peonies and Polaroids


  • Does anyone know where the ceremony and reception took place specifically on Orcas?


  • I love this location! I love the San Juan Islands period! It’s so natural and beautiful all on its own that there’s no need for big flower arrangements. The material of Beth’s dress has a print of some kind, no? It’s very lovely. Weddings are so beautiful and perfect there. These photo’s make me want to do it all over again.

  • Meg

    I don't know about the umbrellas. Our huppah was about like this one (inspired by this one) so that I know more about, if you need tips. Interesting, I never noticed she was bouquet-less…. if you send in your wedding pictures maybe I can do a post about that. I will say my bouquet was barely in my hands… they were… busy. I donno, I thought I'd adore it, but it was just a silly prop that I was done with right away. Good thing I didn't spend on it ;)

  • This is a topicc that is close to my heart…
    Cheers! Wherfe are your contact details though?