How Do I Care for a Birdcage Wedding Veil?

Two Cents: Is getting steamy my best option?

How Do I Care For A Birdcage Wedding Veil? Steaming?
I purchased a simple but lovely birdcage veil from Etsy. The fabric is poufy and needs to be molded to shape my face. The seller recommended that I steam my veil, either by placing it on a ball or bowl in a steamy bathroom or by using a steamer. I am nervous that I am going to mess this up, but the clock is ticking (twelve days to W-Day!). Any pro-tips or possible landmines to avoid before I embark on this process?

Thank you!

OKay, APW, this is a good one! Did you buy (or DIY) one of these beauties, and then get it wrinkled? What’s the best option you found to care for a birdcage wedding veil? Did you accidentally ruin one? Is the steaming process–gasp—foolproof? We need to know!

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  • Erynn

    My birdcage came from Etsy too!! The vendor laid it flat in tissue paper and rolled it lightly to ship it. After looking at it, I rolled it up with same way and never touched it again until we put it in my hair. It was a little wrinkly maybe, but I didn’t notice at all. I think it’s all in how you pin it that gives it shape. (Unless we have very different bird cages!)
    And a picture for fun….

  • Moe

    My $17 birdcage from Etsy was nearly indestructible! I steamed it before sticking it in my hair and that was it.

  • Katie

    Your biggest risk with steaming is melting it. The put-it-in-the-steamy-bathroom option is going to be your safest bet if you’re worried about messing it up (it’s pretty much no-risk). If it’s poofy, that is the design of it; the only way I’ve seen to really “flatten” or mold it is using bobby pins. Also, generally the longer you let it hang, the more the wrinkles will fall out.

  • Meg

    I made my veil. After doing lots of research on different styles of birdcage veils and different veiling, I ended up purchasing this package on Etsy that let me try out two different kinds of veiling. ( I used a very standard tutorial (just google for it) and it was easy. I ended up preferring the French veiling to the Russian veiling because the French was able to be molded while the Russian just wanted to stand straight up no matter how I positioned it and needed lots of bobby pins. The veiling came with instructions to use steam if wrinkling is a problem, but I haven’t needed to steam mine. Maybe start with the steam a ways away from the veiling before going for the gusto?

  • VKD_Vee

    I got a bridal shop to steam my veil a few days before. I think they charged me $10? Outsource, outsource, outsource! :)

  • bearsfan1984

    I bought a long waltz length veil and the etsy seller told me to hang it in a steamy bathroom too. Worked just fine.

  • Achernar

    The question is really what is the veil made of? If it is synthetic mesh (e.g. nylon) then getting it too hot makes melting a real issue, so if you’re just trying to get little crinkles out a steamy bathroom is your best bet (and a long hot shower for the win!).
    If it is made of some other millinery material though it’s possible you can change the shape by holding it near the spout of a steaming kettle (not super close though!!) and as the material softens, pull it into the shape you want and let it cool. I made a friend’s veil (see below), and it required a bit of both – steaming and bobby pins. Remember, less is more to start with… Good luck I’m sure it will be awesome!

    • Barbara J. Miller


  • Karen

    It’s basically all in the bobby pins– no steaming needed.

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