Birthing A New Family

After the amazingness that was little baby Leo cheering on his parents wedding, and all our talk of being a grown-up and learning to respect your baby family, (it’s funny how weeks get themes, a few of these posts I wrote on the spot this week, totally unplanned) I got this bit of magic in my inbox from the lovely Hannah:

The cleaning lady at the theatre I’m interning for in Buenos Aires dropped by the scenic workshop today (where I work) with invitations for her daughter’s wedding in June (which by itself is awesome — imagine just going around dropping off invitations for your wedding?  I mean I love the USPS but that is rad)  — and guess what they said?

He llegado el momento de unir nuestros caminos y comenzar a caminar juntos por el sendero de la vida.  La [fecha], queremos celebrar nuestro amor ante Dios y ante ustedes, por eso nos gustaria que nos acompañen y sean testigos del nacimiento de la familia que hemos decidido formar.

Which I translate (affectionately) as:

The moment has come in which we bring together our paths and begin to walk together along the road of life.  On [date], we would like to celebrate our love before God and you, and for this we invite you to accompany us and witness the birth of the family we have decided to form.

And which Babelfish translates (somewhat rigidly) as:

I have arrived the moment for uniting our ways and to begin to walk together by the footpath of the life. [Date], we want to celebrate our love before God and you, for that reason us who accompany to us and are witnesses of the birth of the family which we have decided to form.

Okay … so it refers to the birth of the new family, not the baby family — but still, I thought it was pretty dope.

Riiiiiiiigggggghhhhhhttttt? So let’s end the week on that – witnessing the birth of the new family we have decided to form. Because that’s something I can get behind.

Awesome if slightly unrelated Buenos Aires picture from Hannah says, ‘I don’t want your catcalls, I want your respect.’ Seemed the right vibe for APW, plus showing some more Buenos Aires ass-kicking-ness.

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  • Inspiration is EVERYWHERE, folks. And if you’re lucky, you notice it when you see it OR when you receive a hand delivered wedding invitation. So awesome.

  • ouuuu- I LOVE the translation! I’m considering having a tidbit in Acadian-French in our invites, to represent my culture and heritage….
    thank you for the beautiful, touching inspiration!
    (ps- I’ll be handing out some invites to people around me- save money on stamps and decrease my carbon footprint?? oh ya!) :)

    • After we emailed our digital save-the-dates, I had a few people request we not mail them a paper invite, in an effort to be more-eco-friendly. :)

  • Totally off the subject, but I noticed Hannah mentioned she’s interning at a theatre. I think it’s neat just how many APW readers are/have been involved in theatre. And with one exception, most theatre people I’ve known who have gotten married have had weddings that I would deem very practical, as well as very beautiful and very true to the couples. It makes me wonder if theatre people are just inherently more likely to want to have a “practical wedding”…maybe because all actors are poor and therefore thrifty, or maybe because we’re slightly used to going against the grain?

    Then again, I don’t know how many theatre people there are in “normal” wedding forums because I don’t go to those.

    • Alyssa

      As a non-actor theatre kid, I tried to treat the planning process a bit like directing a show. Even called my planner my prompt book…

      Plus? We throw the most kicka**tastic parties.

      • Katie

        Absolutely! I’ve done a lot of producing/general management for theatre, and am treating the planning process as a theatrical production (except I’m not the “star” – gag). Many of the same, practical skills are used in both.

        • I love theatre people. I’m convinced that, for the most part, we might just have a slightly easier time dealing with wedding planning because we’re so used to putting on shows, whether it’s as actors, directors, technicians, whatever. And those of us really active in theatre communities also know a TON of people who are skilled in all different areas, and really happy to help out. I keep referring to the girl running our sound for us as our stage manager. Then again, we’re getting married IN a theatre, and she actually stage manages shows for a living, soooo….yeah! :-D

    • Hmmmm, another theatre person here (I’m a director). I actually hired a former stage manager from a show to be our wedding stage manager. It was GREAT. I already trusted him because of our previous theatre work, and I knew he could handle any disaster that might occur. :) And we had numerous theatre friends involved on the tech side of things, and performance side of things (music, etc). And our reception was in a black box-ish space used for shows. :)

      • And by hired…I mean, I asked my stage manager friend to do it and he agreed. :) It was a gift to us.

  • I am so enamored with the idea that a wedding is the birth of a new family. I think it empowers us even more to plan weddings that truly represent us. Thanks for this post, Meg!

  • I think “the birth of the family we have decided to form” is just about the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Alyssa

    This is a wonderful way to end the week and the MASSIVE discussions on APW.

    Gives me the warm and fuzzies. Like a bunny. Or a good glass of wine.

    • Julianna

      @Alyssa – or a puppy button? ;)

      I love the “witness the birth of our family” line!

  • I love this idea. In many respects it is like a birth. You have the “pregnancy” that is the engagement. Some people have easy engagements. Some people have engagements with a lot of complications. The “birth” can go exactly to plan or you can end up ripping the plan up and using it as confetti. But in the end if you have your family that’s what it was all about.

  • MinnaBrynn


    “The moment has come in which we bring together our paths and begin to walk together along the road of life. On [date], we would like to celebrate our love before God and you, and for this we invite you to accompany us and witness the birth of the family we have decided to form”

    The “birth of the family we have decided to form” is beautiful, but I love the idea of bringing paths together, walking together, and inviting friends to accompany them. What a wonderful thought!

  • What great wording for the invitation! (And your translation was good!*) I love that she dropped them off in person… we’ll be doing the same in our neighborhood (either biking or taking the boat around the lake!) and I’m glad to not have to mail them all. It’s lucky that many of the people we want to invite live close enough that we can do that!

    *And I’m a professional Spanish to English translator, so I always notice translation errors (usually without meaning to, I swear! They just jump out at me! I’m guessing it’s like what happens when singers hear me sing along to the radio: there’s a bit of cringing and a lot of trying not to notice going on!)

  • Kira

    This made my entire day. Not only because of the content, but because I like seeing women speaking about respect in other languages. The picture is priceless. Thanks for another great post to start off the weekend!

  • RAD! I love looking at the wedding as the birth of a new family. :) Spot on.

  • Emi

    I’ve never really thought of a wedding as a “birth” of a family before reading APW, but now I love the idea and it makes so much sense to me.

  • Kat

    Genuine and beautiful!

  • Wow, I just stumbled upon this blog for the first time today. I’m already so in love with it!!! I’ve been bouncing from post to post & this post touched me the most. I’m already dreaming of how I can incorporate the sentiment into our wedding. It’s so raw & sweet.

    I look forward to all future posts!!!