Bklyn Pillow

You are going to see this all over the blogosphere today. Vane, of the consistently inspiring Brooklyn Bride has just launched Bklyn Pillow, making modern handcrafted ring pillows for the kick ass Indie Bride. I’m always tremendously excited to see bloggers launch creative businesses, as the women of the blogging world seem to have enough creativity in their little fingers to change the world. The super talented Vane is starting with pillows, but we all know she’s going to end up by taking the wedding world by storm. Now go check it out.

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  • This is awesome! Thank you for sharing the pillow. I agree it is wonderful to see fellow bloggers launching business ventures!

  • Anonymous

    Is a 60 dollar ring-pillow really practical?

  • Meg

    Hey Anon- I’ve always been a proponent of each couple making their own wedding choices, and these pillows are pretty cool. We’re not doing a ring-pillow at all, but I’m sure I’ll spend money on something else that someone else might judge as silly.

    Add to that the fact that Vane is pretty awesome. I’d rather give her my money then some huge wedding behemoth, for sure.