Our Very Black Queer Wedding

Coming To America meets Love Jones

LaShay, Sexuality Professor and PhD Student & Bakari, Cultural Producer

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: A funky fresh meeting with all the cool kids to cement a union of Black Love done right.

Soundtrack for reading: The entire Love Jones Soundtrack

Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

Our wedding was a whopping $5,000! We had the ceremony at a park close to our home (also the park we got engaged in), and the reception was at our home. It was very important for all of our vendors to be Black/Person of Color, Queer friendly, or a woman. We do not consider ourselves Christian, so we had a wonderful mixture of African and African-American traditions. Because we knew that some people would come to our wedding to be “nosey” but not actually be present to support our marriage, we had all of our guests recite a Community Vow and it was simply breathtaking!

Favorite Thing About The Wedding

Definitely the ceremony and our First Poem (Bakari can’t dance so we did a first poem instead of a first dance)!


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