Sachini & Michael’s Blended Buddhist Jewish Ceremony

* Sachini, Health Policy Wonk & Michael, Biostatitician * Photographer: Mick Lerlop * Soundtrack for reading: “The Winner Is” from the Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: What happens when you mix together a little Sri Lankan, American, Jewish, Buddhist, New England, and California with some happy tears and a whole lotta love and dancing.

The Info—Photographer: Mick Lerlop / Venue: Irvine Nature Center / Rings: Bario-NealSachini’s Dress: Ann’s Boutique / Michael’s Suit: Nordstrom / Bridesmaid Dresses: Nordstrom / Flowers: Local Color Flowers / Ketubah and Invitations: Dalen Gilbrech, a friend of the couple / Klezmer Band: Michael’s uncles and cousins / Decorations: Sachini and her sisters

Other cool stuff we should know about: We had so many people from our different communities come together and help us create a wedding that felt like a big celebration of our family heritages, our past, and our dreams for the future. We had two family friends officiate the ceremony, one to perform the Sri Lankan Buddhist traditions and one to perform the Jewish traditions, and then said our own vows. Meg was right. The ceremony can put everyone on such an emotional love high that the rest doesn’t really seem to matter. Sachini’s mom and her friends made traditional Sri Lankan wedding cakes for everyone, and her sisters unearthed some mad craft skills to create some beautiful decorations. Mike’s family harnessed their musical talents and formed an amazing ragtag Klezmer band that started off a night of dancing that also included Sri Lankan Baila and a little “Call Me Maybe.” Sure things didn’t all go according to plan, but we were having so much fun that we didn’t really care. All that mattered was that we were married and had a sweet party with the people we love most in the world!

The planning process was a little tough, because we did not really have a lot of examples of weddings that blended the many different cultures and traditions of our personal lives in the wedding world or in the media in general. What does the ceremony look like? Will people be offended if we mash traditions together? What do we wear?! APW was a godsend for us and helped us just follow our gut to create a day that just felt like us. (FYI—I practically bear hugged my monitor when Ruchi posted her Wedding Grad!)

Favorite thing about the wedding: Too many things! Saying our vows under the chuppah/poruwa (the Sri Lankan marriage alter) structure that we helped make; spending a few minutes alone right after our wedding to geek out and drink margaritas just by our twosome; and making a last-minute decision to do a first dance to The Jackson 5’s “ABC” were all highlights.

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  • I see pure fun and happiness in this wedding. Those paper flowers / decorations are lovely. Also, dancing to the Jacksons 5 ABC made me smile so much. All the best wishes to you as you start your married life.

    • Amber

      I LOVE the paper flowers and pin wheels. I might need to borrow that idea…

  • This whole wedding seems infused with joy, both the exuberant outward kind, and the deep-down inside kind! It just leaps off the screen. Also, while I usually try not to comment on the “pretties” since other things seem so much more important, that is the most beautiful mother-of-the bride I’ve ever seen. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Beautiful! And that Ketubah is too pretty. My only regret from my own wedding is not doing a Quaker wedding contract as pretty as that Ketubah.

  • Abby J.

    Lovelovelovelovelovelove this wedding!

  • rys

    The joy is palpable through the pictures!

    I don’t know the couple, so this is probably a little weird but the guy (groomsman?) standing next to the groom in the picture of three men looks so familiar to me but I can’t place him. I’m not sure if that means I know him or he just looks like someone I know! Things to ponder instead of work this afternoon….

    • Maddie

      He kind of resembles Josh Groban. That’s my two cents. :)

      • rys

        I think I’ve decided he looks like my friend’s husband. At least for the moment.

        Scratch that: he looks like someone from college. This thought is likely to change in 10 minutes. So maybe he just looks like, or is, Josh Groban.

  • Whoa! There is so much love in these photos. It’s palpable-and beautiful!

  • Beautiful!!

  • Big warm fuzzies, Sachini! Your weddding is gorgeous.

  • Seems like such a beautiful wedding filled with love and meaningful touches!

  • Sachini

    Thank you all for your kind words!!

  • dawn

    I’m planning a cultural fusion wedding too, so it’s great to see this post. Even though the cultures we’re bringing together are different, the principle is the same. I have concerns about keeping everyone reasonably happy, blending our respective traditions respectfully, and about making the whole thing seem unified. Thanks so much for this! A post about how you worked through bringing different traditions together would be great.

  • Claire

    I LOVE your earrings, Sachini! Where are they from??

  • Oh the bride looks so happy and beautiful! I love her earings, i love her flowers too! They sure did have a blast on this lovely wedding. Best wishes to the couple, and congratulations!

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