Callie & San

* Calin, Photographer and Cellist & Alessandro, Barista/Owner at The Coffee Trike * Photographer: One Love Photo * Soundtrack for reading: “The Girl” by City and Colour *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: San: It was a day where everything moved along so easily with a kind of happy, loving spontaneity. As expected, there were a few stressful moments, but I felt so supported and loved by everyone that everything had such a satisfying, warming balance to it.

The Info—Photography: One Love Photo / Venue: The Barn At Gibbet Hill / Callie’s Dress: Designed by Callie / Tutu: Made by Callie’s mom / San’s Suit: J.Crew / San’s Shoes: Fluevog

Other cool stuff we should know about: Callie: The friends in our wedding are all musicians so we had them play our ceremony. My bandmate, John Nolan wrote the recessional and my maid of honor, Nicolet Singleton arranged the theme from the movie “UP” for our all siblings to walk down the aisle to.

To thank my parents, we (my sisters included!) played their wedding song for them to dance to. My mom is a dancer, and my parents are amazing at the foxtrot.

Favorite moment from the wedding: Callie: Seeing San for the first time at the stairs, and for a pretty shy person, not minding that we seemed to have quite an audience for it. That feeling bled into the rest of the day, letting all the attention feel loving and fun and silly, instead of make-believe and over the top, like I had feared! San: Seeing you for the first time at the bottom of the stairs. And looking around the room during dinner and seeing so many faces I love in one place.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Callie: Let’s just say having so much family from across the globe in one place. And maybe playing cello in a wedding dress…

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  • Lauren

    Oh my god that dress.

  • This is so outrageously gorgeous!
    Wow! SO many beautiful pictures, and this looks like such a fun, hearts-exposed wedding :)

    That last photo is just breathtaking, but really, they’re all incredible. Wow!

    • KB

      I agree, all of the photos are gorgeous and that last photo is just spectacular – I’d pay a million dollars for that kind of shot.

  • Jen

    SO. MUCH. JOY!

    seriously, the love and joy just pours out of your photos and each and every one of them is absolutely stunning. Your dress, the dancing, the smiles, that photo of San tying his tie where it’s flipping in midair – simply spectacular. With less than a month to go until my wedding, all I can hope for is that there is as much evident joy and love and friendship around me and in my photos on that day!

  • So there are some times where I see or read something, and it’s so awesome that my brain feels like it could quite possibly explode. Typically this is followed by A LOT of cussing but I try not to do all that in the comments.


    The over the shoulder picture of you playing. I die. It’s so gorgeous. From one string player to another, that is just the most wonderful picture and just says so much and it just gives me a lot of feelings. A LOT.

    This whole thing is ridiculously lovely. I’m going to stop now for the sake of other people commenting.

    • Claire

      I loved that picture as well.

    • H

      So much yes. Fellow string player here. I about died of happy and instantly scrolled down for pics of you playing.

    • I probably say this everytime I see a wordless wedding, but holy moly these are some of my favourite wedding pictures I’ve ever seen! I can only imagine that it must have been a beautiful, beautiful moment for you.

  • PA

    I just have to say how I *love* that your dress fit in with you playing the cello! (AND was lovely!) Such a beautiful wedding, inside and out!

  • The love and joy are palpable–what a beautiful wedding!

  • Callie- you had me at hopping on the school bus with your cello! Love you lady!

  • This wedding is teh awesome.

  • I LOVE THIS. I think the fact that their fun attitudes about the whole day are conveyed through the pictures- that’s one of my faves. And the fact that the bride was SO pretty :) I love it all. I hope their day was amazing. (and this photography? Brilliant.)

  • What’s the thing that Meg says all the time? I want to put this wedding in my mouth. It’s that gorgeous and the vibe and “feel” through the photos is amazing. It feels like hot chocolate and marshmallows.

    • meg

      I DO want to put this wedding in my mouth. That’s sort of how I feel about Callie and San anyway. Lucky for me they are pretty small. Seriously, the wedding is so good, but these two are even better. They are the very best.

  • Richelle

    that wedding made my heart soar. SOAR!

  • Class of 1980

    GOOD GRIEF! The dress! The groom’s expression! The beautiful bride! The cello! The tattoo that reminds me of lace! The sunset! The happiness!

    • Kelsey

      I thought that about the tattoo too!! It seemed such a part of that (gorgeous gorgeous) dress.

  • I. Love. That. Dress.

    and the top knot.

  • Daynya

    Perfection. Simple, elegant, beautiful, joy-filled, universe-aligned perfection.

  • Beautiful. So, so beautiful.

  • I can’t decide who is luckier – Callie & San for getting these amazing photographers to shoot their wedding (the pictures are out of site! I’ve been looking forward to seeing this one for so long!), or Heather & Jon for getting this amazingly beautiful and genuine wedding with such a jaw-dropingly gorgeous bride. My jealousy of all of the above knows no bounds. I am utterly wowed.

    • meg

      Or them all getting to hang out with each other. WITHOUT ME. But I’ll try not to pout.

  • This may be the most stunning wedding I’ve ever seen.


  • RachelC

    wow wow wow wow wow. Unbelievably gorgeous, holy shit. That last picture is breathtakingly stunning – I’d blow that up on my wall ASAP so it can take the breath away from everyone who steps into our home. Wow. And omg everything about this wedding is incredible. Wow!

    • meg

      Just pretend Callie is related to you and then it’s not creepy! Right?

  • Claire

    Oh Wow!! Just wow. So stunning and gorgeous. What a beautiful, joyful-looking wedding. And the incredible photography slays me.

  • Jessica

    omg… just. gorgeous.

  • Amber

    This is the most wonderful, joyful, beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing – it made my day!

  • kcaudad

    The Bride and Groom have huge grins on their faces in almost every pictures! Except when they are kissing! How wonderful! (Take that, photographers who tell you not to smile!!)

    • Amy

      Tell you not to smile? Surely no photographer would want you to *avoid* smiling, right? But advising you to not *purposely* smile (i.e. no “say cheese!” smiles) makes sense to me. It would ensure that any smiles captured would be genuine, spontaneous smiles. Which is good, right?

  • Wow, this is stunning! I’m also a huge fan of the shots of Callie playing the cello. Beautiful.

    Also, this “letting all the attention feel loving and fun and silly, instead of make-believe and over the top” is awesome.

  • wow. This may be my favorite wedding ive ever seen on APW. The look on the bride’s face in that third picture, the groom walking down the aisle with who I assume is his mom, the dancing, singing, and instrument playing, that frothy tulle dress.

    Just the way everyones faces radiate such pure unbridled joy.
    this is everything I hope my wedding will be

  • April

    Of *COURSE* this is One Love Photo!!! My heart literally skipped a beat at the pictures – so delicious. :-)

    And the couple is darling, the bride is glamazing and the DRESS – OMG – AAAAHHHHH!!!!! I’m positively giddy. *Giddy* I tell you!

  • Amy

    The picture of both of them performing together made me tear up with happy tears! My fiance and I are both musicians, and while I don’t much care what our first dance is, I REALLY care what our first song will be (that is, the first song that we perform together as a married couple). I’m so curious what song they are playing!

    • meg

      Your fist *song.* Sniffle.

  • That. picture. at. the. end. Holy smokes.

  • so damn beautiful!

  • Spicy MacHaggis

    This wedding is so adorable, I want to bite it’s toes.

  • Beautiful! I love the shot of Callie playing the cello in her wedding dress. It’s so clear that there were awesome amounts of joy overflowing all over the day.

  • Emily

    These pictures are off the CHAIN, onelove! For sheezy!

  • Julia

    WOW, just WOW! Actual best wedding ever.

  • Oh wowww. This is stunning! What a beautiful wedding. Also, your tattoo is ROCKIN’.

  • so much fun! love this wedding! the bride dress is so beautiful

  • You guys are so happy and gorgeous! Congratulations! It was so much fun getting to know you when you shot our wedding and I’m so happy I got to see how beautiful and joyous your day turned out to be. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

  • Granola

    The whole thing is just deliriously beautiful.

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  • Thank you everyone! You are all so crazy sweet. These comments made our week!! Thank you One Love, and thank you Meg for everything! So honored to be one of the many wordless weddings on APW. :)

  • Marika

    Everything about this wedding is perfect and beautiful! The photography, the dress, the beautiful bride-WOW!

  • This is so gorgeous I had to come back and look again. And say how gorgeous it is. Wonderful!!

  • the dress is glorious