Brandi & Joe

Huge City Hall Bash, Art Gallery Afterparty

* Brandi, Children’s Book Author & Joe, CEO of Klout * Photographer: Paco & Betty * Planner: Lowe House Events * Soundtrack for reading: “Think I’m In Love” by Beck *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: An intimate City Hall ceremony followed by a really fun party!

The Info—Photography: Paco & Betty / Planner: Lowe House Events / Ceremony Venue: San Francisco City Hall / Party Venue: Steven Wolf Fine ArtsBrandi’s Wedding Dress: Brandi’s mother’s dress reconstructed by Matruska / Brandi’s Party Dress: Notte by Marchesa / Joe’s Suit: Duchess / Food Trucks: Kung Fu Tacos, RoliRoti(APW advertisers) / Bartending: Best Beverage Catering / Flowers: Natalie at Clementine in Oakland

Other cool stuff we should know about: We rented out City Hall in San Francisco for a morning ceremony. The building is absolutely stunning and it was so fun to have it all to ourselves. In the evening, we didn’t do any of the traditional reception stuff—we just wanted to have a big party to celebrate not only our relationship, but all of our friends and family and their importance in our lives. We had the party at an art gallery in our neighborhood that had never rented out the space before. The exhibit was “modern interpretations of wizardry,” which is pretty awesome! The gallery ended up being a perfect place, and it happened to be one of those rare San Francisco days that was in the 80s, so the temperature in the evening was perfect.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Everyone said they could see so much of us in our celebration and we couldn’t agree more—it was exactly what we wanted.

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  • This wedding looks like a blast! And it’s making me want to reconstruct my mom’s wedding dress into something chic and decidedly less ’80s.

  • Emmy

    What a delightful and classy wedding! You guys look so happy and the last picture of you two “grooving” is awesome. My fiance and myself are planning to have a city hall wedding due to immigration issues (mine, not his), and yours look so classy and chic. I also would love a taco truck but I don’t know if he’ll allow me one ;). Congratulations and best of luck to you!

  • Gorgeous! The refashioned wedding dress is so amazing! And the art gallery reception is also pretty damn cool.

  • I assisted Lowe House Events on this one; it was magic. And that reception dress is a dream.

  • KB

    “Everyone said they could see so much of us in our celebration and we couldn’t agree more—it was exactly what we wanted.”

    I want exactly this. I think this is why so many people go crazy DIY/DIT on weddings – they want people to say, “Wow, that was just so you guys.” Your photos show that the vibe really comes from the couple and their love. Cheers!!

    • meg

      The interesting thing (and the point I’ve made before, and try to hammer home in the book) is this wedding looks like them because of the simple choices they made that reflected their tastes, not because of tons (or really any) DIY or DIT. City hall, mom’s reconstructed dress, local art gallery, food trucks, DONE.

      Anyway, you’re totally right. The vibe does come from the couple… and the people you love.

      • KB

        Hahaha, I actually JUST ordered the book and am right in the middle of it!! Which is why that quote resonated with me, just to remind myself that I want the feeling as the end result and that will come from us just being there and being present in the moment and making choices that come naturally. It certainly won’t come from the 120 identical-yet-unique popsicle stick creations that are supposed to represent some psychologicalmetaphoricalphysical notion of our love…

  • Wow– beautiful!! Congratulations! :)

  • Perfect wedding! And OMG your dresses are gorgeous!

  • love your second dress :X so beautiful! congratulations !

  • Sooooo pretty. Love dresses like that. & the pictures, and the planner <3

  • I am so thrilled to see this post! First off SF City Hall weddings are my favorite! Secondly for the ceremony Brandi is wearing tiny heart stud earrings that I made! She purchased them from me on Etsy (yes, my alter ego profession aside from hair and makeup is as a jewelry designer/metalsmith, so girlie I know), but I hadn’t seen these photos yet! So lovely! Congratulations Brandi and Joe!

  • Brandi

    I’m late to respond but I just wanted to say thank you for the comments! I was thrilled to have our wedding appear on A Practical Wedding. Many thanks to Meg and her staff for featuring us. So fun!