Here Is a Wedding Photographer Who Thinks You Deserve to Be Seen

All kinds of couples (and their cats) love Seattle’s Bri McDaniel

2016-11-29_0004Now maybe more than ever, it feels like the world needs all the champions of all-inclusive and diverse love it can get, which is why we are more inspired by Seattle wedding photographer Bri McDaniel‘s philosophy and work than ever before. Bri is based in Seattle, and travels (for free!) through the Pacific Northwest, with rates beginning at $3,000. And since her roots and heart are in the South, she also offers free travel to her hometown of Atlanta.

When we last caught up with Bri McDaniel, who’s a self-described “short girl with an afro in an interracial relationship,” she was fresh off her own wedding experience, which intensified her commitment to capturing all kinds of weddings and couples, and showing that people of color have indie weddings, too. As Bri had told us:

Not every couple of color is alike, and it is important to me to represent the couples who are different in a way that is different. When I got married, I was of course glued to wedding blogs for inspiration. It was disheartening to not really see myself represented. So I try my best with my portfolio to show more than one type of couple or wedding and to really celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of love. I’m excited to shoot any type of wedding from the super traditional to the super alternative.

Well, a year later, we are extra bonus glad that love and diversity has someone like Bri on its side. She may be small, but her skills are mighty—and having studied at Savannah College of Art and Design, she’s got the credentials plus prodigious talent. And I mean, the photos:

Bri McDaniel’s mad skills and celebration of all kinds of couples are not the only reason you’ll want to hire her—another is she is just plain fun to hang out with. Bri is determined to get y’all to loosen up and feel comfortable with her shooting you, so instead of the traditional wedding industry engagement session—all posing, no fun—Bri prefers way more laid-back couples shoots that she calls Hangout Sessions. A Hangout Session is just what it sounds like—y’all and Bri hang out and get to know each other while she shoots you being your deliciously in-love selves. In the end, you get killer photos plus the confidence of knowing you can trust Bri and that it’s not going to be weird being in front of her camera all day long. And bonus! APW couples in Seattle get a free Hangout Sessions when they mention this post.


According to Bri’s APW clients, all of this extra getting to know you time pays off:

As both a person and a photographer, Bri McDaniel is unbelievable. We booked her for our wedding (spring 2016) based on her stunning online portfolio alone; we had no idea we’d be getting to know such a genuinely cool human, too. Bri is down-to-earth, a ton of fun, and considers really getting to *know* her clients a major priority. We’ve met up for dinner and drinks several times, which has allowed our relationship to transition from client/vendor to actual friends. In knowing her clients as PEOPLE (not just as income providers), Bri captures the essence of her subjects and the mood of the moment in a way that is truly rare. She just sent us a sneak peek of our engagement session, and I have chills. Bri didn’t ask for a testimonial; I just truly believe that her work pushes the envelope and is so, so REAL. Book her. You will not be disappointed.


Bri McDaniel offers completely customizable packages, with rates beginning at $3,000, which includes:

  • 4 hours of wedding coverage
  • a custom USB drive of the edited photos
  • an online gallery
  • an Image Box, which contains 100 quality 4×6 prints

Bri’s based in Seattle, and will come to you for free throughout the Pacific Northwest and her hometown of Atlanta.

2016-11-29_00122016-11-29_0002african_american_salt_lake_city_wedding_photographer-32pp_w703_h468a couple sitting on a couch with their catsBeyond taking breathtaking photos and being a champion of diversity in the wedding industry, Bri McDaniel just really gets her APW people (and cat people ?):

Right now I am attracting a bunch of cat people, so I have really been enjoying hanging out with my couples and their cats. I love getting to know the whole family, including the furry ones. APW readers are my absolute favorite to work with because I am one myself. I understand them so well because I have the same feelings, and I love that they put the focus of their wedding day on their love. It’s not about a big show with APW readers. It’s about keeping it personal and really focusing on each other as a couple.

If you want to see even more stunning images (and cute cats) from Bri’s latest work, then head on over to her newly relaunched website, which is all about celebrating the kind of diverse, all-inclusive and empowered love that conquers all. Already hooked? Reach out to Bri ASAP to beat the January rush and nail down your 2017 wedding date today.

HEY SEATTLE! bri mcdaniel photography is offering APW readers a free hangout session with their wedding packages—mention this post when you book!

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