5 Easy Ideas For Chic Bridal Shower Decorations

Sometimes bigger is just better—and easier

Let’s be real: Bridal shower decorations are just one of many things on the Very Long List Of Things To Do when you’re planning a bridal shower. By the time you get to it, you’re likely at the end of a long checklist of makin’ things happen. Wouldn’t it be great if you could come up with a totally doable, big-impact, low-effort idea for bridal shower decorations, and call it a day?

Lucky for you, our job is to obsess over table arrangements and metallic paint and balloons, and bring together some of the best ideas for bridal shower decorations out there right now so that you don’t have to.

Here is a pro-tip for choosing bridal shower decorations that give you the most bang for your buck (and sanity): Pick one main project or decor element that makes a BIG statement. This can help guide and simplify all of your other decor decisions. It gives you something to focus the rest of your decorations around and saves you from obsessing over details that will go unnoticed.

And now for the party eye-candy.

Our Favorite Ideas For Bridal Shower Decorations

  1. Big Impact Balloons
  2. Hanging Garlands
  3. Statement Flowers
  4. All That Glitters Might Be Gold
  5. Double-Duty Decor

Big Impact Balloons

Utilize vertical space with balloons, but jazzed up, say by attaching a garland of greens, a tail of shimmery streamers, or an assortment of patterned ribbons to each. Float these ethereal bad boys throughout the venue space, and BOOM: Decor that’s impossible to miss. And, as much as I love color, keeping things muted and neutral, with a few well-placed pops of vibrant shades and patterns will keep the vibe feeling elegant and fresh and, um, not-kid’s-party-like. For example, you could go with white balloons with green garlands, or balloons in shades of soft pink with pops of minimal, tropical leaves.

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bridal shower decorations - banquet hall filled with tables and balloons with garlands of leaves

Oh, look, it’s an ethereal, draping garden with oversized balloons!

White and gold balloons over table of cake and gifts as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Gold dipped balloons provide so much fancy for so little effort.

Woman holding balloon in front of balloon garland reading XOXO as an idea for bridal shower decorations

A balloon banner is a fantastic way to just be done with this whole decor thing. This set is available on Etsy for $59.

A group of women holding oversized balloons among palm trees as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Helium, in muted pinks and white, gets even more extra with full tassels.

Hanging Garlands

Show that empty, impact-making vertical space who’s boss with hanging garlands. Preferably not ones made of a thousand paper cranes (it’s a thing) because: sanity. Instead, opt for these ideas you can totally do, I promise.

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Small leaves strung on line with clothespins as an idea for bridal shower decorations

This is literally an assortment of little leaves strung up with clothespins. Does it get easier?

A garland of clothespinned tropical leaves as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Or just buy this ready-made chunky one from Celebrate for $40. Fin.

hanging backdrop of ombre green as an idea for bridal shower decorations

This pre-made handing garland from Etsy for $150 is sooooo fluffy! (And doable as a DIY, depending on if you’re short on time or short on $150. We’ve all been both.)

Garland of triangle-cut paper as an idea for bridal shower decorations

This spunky, cheerful hanging garland is easy enough for you to make in your sleep. But, your sleep is also precious, so no judgments if you just pick it up dirt cheap on Etsy for $6.75.

Red garlands over dinner tables in a tent as an idea for bridal shower decorations

You can make this tassel-like garland from dip-dyed coffee filters. Really. No precision or fancy-ass materials needed here.

Woman standing in front of streamers with a coordinating balloon as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Create an accent wall or festoon these vertical crepe paper hangings throughout the party space. With some rolls of wide, heavy-weight crepe paper and some scissors, you too can achieve unmatched whimsy, people.

Long swaths of white tool strung as tassels across a white cord serve as backdrop for a dessert table piled with cookies and other treats with a tiered white cake as an idea for bridal shower decorations

There is a reason that tulle will forever be known as The Wedding Fabric. Create a modern take on this classic decor material by creating a simple hanging garland. Airy perfection.

Strands of mason jars filled with fairy lights as an idea for bridal shower decorations

I love the ethereal vibes from plopping fairy lights in jars, forreal rn. Suspend these firefly jars from the ceiling to create rustic chandeliers or leave them scattered about on tables for easy but impactful centerpieces. Bonus: Your kitchen gets a ton of reusable mason jars after the shower.

tinsel backdrop designed by Rachel Burke

Tell me you’re not gaga over this glittery explosion. Tinsel to the rescue! Achieve this look with a bunch of metallic foil fringe curtains, trimmed.

Streamers of stars and ribbons blowing in a doorway as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Stars aren’t for everyone, but they’re for enchantment-loving ladies like me. (Let me live!) I love how these are mixed up with ribbons to, you know, give it less princess vibes IF WE MUST.

Statement Flowers

Flowers are your friends and wedding and party staples for a reason. They’re ready-made natural masterpieces, so bridal, and can be applied in an endless amount of ways, each more charming than the next.

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Flowers on hanging paper lanterns as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Embrace the half-DIY. Buy the lanterns, buy the flowers, attach flowers to lanterns, and you can call it a (bridal shower decor) day.

Hoops with flowers over a bureau holding desserts as an idea for bridal shower decorations

These gorgeous simple wreaths are so lovely. You can also do these on a big scale using… spray-painted hula hoops! Cover the whole hoop or a tasteful corner, depending on preference (and, let’s be honest, time).

YAY spelled out with foam and flower letters as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Cut out floral foam sheet into the shape of letters to spell out your phrase. Poke in flowers. Win the day.

Strings of roses and leaves over dresser as an idea for bridal shower decorations

It’s like a shower of real roses, mid-stream! This is a lower-cost option for a high-impact floral wall or ceiling hanging.

Frame with flower arrangement on a brick wall as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Find an old frame around the house, or at a thrift store, then spray paint it gold and adorn with flowers and greenery. This can be your one big decor focal point!

Table with clear chairs and pink shower of flowers as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Naturally cut bougainvillea (or a garland of greens), plopped on a table and spilling beautifully over the edge is a visually impactful, magical, and low-effort bridal shower decoration.

Flowers and leaves in bottles on a long table as an idea for bridal shower decorations

There’s something infinitely charming about the sparse effect of an assortment of blooms (or single stems!) in a variety of bud vases and bottles.

Hanging bud vases in front of a pink wall as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Try hanging them for a dramatic and whimsical (and extra AF in the best way) effect.

Garland of flowers and leaves around light fixture as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Hi, can we have more flower chandeliers everywhere in our life, please? A floral wreath is a simple way to up your bridal shower decorations, either adorning an existing light, or suspended unlit from the ceiling.

All That Glitters Might Be Gold

Obviously I have a thing for gold, be it spray paint, regular paint, or wax (you’ll see). After all, it’s the ultimate #lazygirl way to take something next level, which is what we’re all about over here on the team of low-effort, high-impact decorations.

Gold painted pineapples

You could make these gold spray painted pineapples a couple nights before while binging on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. (Make sure you give the pineapples time to dry and yourself enough time for touching up missed crevices.)

Gold spray painted succulent escort card holders as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Heck, throw these spray painted succulents in and you’ll still finish within one episode.

Spray painted leaves in a vase on a coffee table as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Or you could make these if you want to spend slightly more time arranging things, but, like, barely.

Gold painted leaves with a candle on a table as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Break out the paintbrush to create simple, restrained little details.

Place cards with calligraphy lettering, wax seals, and leaves as an idea for bridal shower decorations

These gorgeous gold wax seals with real leaves are giving me all kinds of elegant vibes.

Double-Duty Decor

We’re all about pulling double duty—when your bridal shower decorations are also functioning as something else. Instead of putting your heart and soul into all the elements under the sun, make some of your other event pieces serve as stand-in for decor. For example, you could opt for food that’s pretty enough to steal the show, furniture that’s as statement-making as a balloon garland, signage that’s snap-able, or hella cute cutlery. Function, meet aesthetics: You’re going to be great friends.

Watermelon triangle slices on sticks on a tray as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Cute things on sticks, forever on repeat! Watermelon slices, yes, but maybe doughnuts, cake pops, meatballs, or skewered antipasto?

Three ice rings with various fruits and ingredients as an idea for bridal shower decoration

Tricked-out ice rings are having a moment (what, just for me?), which is GREAT because a) just look at them, and b) punch bowls with big-batch cocktails or, well, punch, are life.

Juices and champagne on a table with a backdrop of flowers and bubbly bar sign as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Pretty food stations of all kinds, from bagels to mimosas to desserts, are welcome. Arrange things on pretty platters and toss a few flowers (and cool signage) around for a pulled-together, stylish eye-catcher.

a low table on a beach with pillows and full table setting as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Make the furniture layout itself work as your decor by going ultra-boho with blankets, pillows, pallets as a table, and rustic flowers.

A chalkboard sign for a wedding as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Chalkboard signs with swirling embellishments are always winners. Plus, perch a greenery garland or simple flower bundle on a corner for extra points.

A board of antipasto on a long table, with guest eating from it as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Grazeable platters of family-style bites—think antipasto, boards of finger foods or fruits for snacking (preferably with lots of bright colors and a variety of shapes and textures)—double as refreshment and centerpieces.

Canapes on banana leaves as an idea for bridal shower decorations

This au naturale tableware is the cutest way to hammer that tropical theme home.

A table setting with flowers and a pink table runner as an idea for bridal shower decorations

Think outside the box with some of your staples, like tablecloths. Pretty, unexpected textures, like this sheer blush runner, can make a huge impact.

Hearts on sticks planted in the ground lining an aisle of chairs as an idea for bridal shower decorations

As a cheeky alternative to signage, lead the path to the festivities with these easy-peasy heart (or any shape!) skewers. Or, pepper them around an outdoor space, or place them in vases for centerpieces.

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