Greta & Ian

Strawberry farm wedding

* Greta, Advocacy and Special Projects Manager & Ian, Urban Planner * Photographer: Wild Eyed Photography * Soundtrack for reading: “Crazy Love” by Van Morrison

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: A strawberry farm, a bow-tied dog named Bruce running about, perfect weather, a beautiful barn, and beautiful people on the inside and out.

The Info — Photographer: Wild Eyed Photography  / Location: Muskoka, Ontario, Canada / Venue: Brooklands Farm / Greta’s Dress: Tania Martins of Markoo / Ian’s Suit: D&G / Greta’s Hair: Benjamin RaineWedding Planner: Bryn Allison from An Artistic Affair

Other cool stuff we should know about: We got married at a family-run strawberry farm in a remote part of Ontario, Canada. The farm is completely organic and off the grid. And Greta is Icelandic. Our dog Bruce also just started walking on two legs, without us teaching him…

Favorite thing about the wedding: The band, the super moon, the homemade ice cream sandwiches, and Bruce’s bow tie.

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  • Beautiful wedding. I love the photos of the little kids.

    Greta, I kept having to do a doubletake that it was not Riki Lindhome in your photos. :)

  • Emmers

    I love Greta’s hair and dress! So glamorous.

  • SarahG

    Beautiful! Man, I love barn weddings. Looks really lovely. Congrats!

    This reminded me to put in a request for a probably-too-difficult How-To — How To Festoon The Ceiling with Twinkle Lights. It seems like people always have these, they look amazing, and I have no idea how it happens. Maybe everybody pays professionals, or picks venues where there are already twinkle lights?

    • Our solution looked like this: two ladders, two staple guns, and all the outdoor white Christmas lights in our family’s possession (and there were a lot). It took us about an hour to string them up the day before.

      • SarahG

        Awesome! And presumably your venue was cool with you guys staple gunning the beams… guess I just have to find a similar spot. Thanks!

  • Your wedding is beautiful. Is it weird to say that I think that the name “Greta” is absolutely lovely?

  • What an absolutely gorgeous, hip, wedding.

    And what were those killer shoes, may I ask?

  • Ariel

    That last picture!!!

  • caroline

    I love that you processed in together!