A Brooklyn Potluck Wedding

In a room with a view

Catherine, Investigator & Christopher, Preventer of Climate Change

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Brooklyn potluck!

Soundtrack for reading: “May It Always Be” by Bonnie Prince Billy (Summer in the Southeast Live Version)

Favorite Thing About the Wedding

All of our favorite people being together!


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  • jashshea

    The back of that dress is SOMETHING ELSE, lady. Gorgeous wedding.

    • vegankitchendiaries

      NO JOKE! Luuuurve it.

    • Gen

      I’m almost sure that’s the JCrew Percy gown, which would mean that she had the back customized! Beautiful.

  • Anon

    Here’s hoping Catherine will share the answer to the travel trivia! Lovely wedding, you can see so much joy in the dancing :)

    • I want to know too!

  • Laura C

    I saw the front of the dress and I was like “J. Crew, Percy.” Then I saw the back and I was like “NO! So much cooler.”

  • Sara

    Please tell me I’m not the only one wondering what the total number of miles is…

    • Sarah E

      I was hoping the answer would be in a later photo, then I got to the end: “Yes, beautiful, great, BUT HOW MANY??”

      • Sara

        Hello other Sara(h)s. That is literally the first thing I thought of when I reached the end! Fantastic dress, awesome photos, where’s the answer?!

  • Em

    My mum is sewing my dress, and this is what the back will look like! We haven’t found any real-life examples of how it will look until now, and now I am just so excited. Your dress is gorgeous.

    Also if you don’t mind sharing, what was the source for your lace? We live in a smaller area and so are limited to buying online and we’re having difficulty finding lace that’s not just crappy stretch lace OR more “edging” (deeply scalloped and not conducive to makin dress straps).

    Beautiful, love-filled wedding, too, by the way. :)

  • Jess

    anyone know where those awesome graffiti walls are? love the patterns!

    • jhs

      Looks to be in DUMBO? I know there’s some similar looking graffiti around there!

      • Jess

        nice! any idea what street/streets? i might have to go hunting this weekend. I used to work around there but don’t remember a wall that looked like this :)

  • Love the photo at the end with the reflection of the cafe lights!

  • bearsfan1984

    Is there a “how we did it” for this one? If not, can we get one? I loved the previous potluck how-to, but I’m curious how they managed this in Brooklyn, where I live, where people don’t always have cars.

    Also, beautiful wedding. Gorgeous dress too!